PoRs & PEPPOL – two acronyms you ought to be aware of

As DHACA was introduced on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme last Friday as the organisation representing digital health in the UK it seems appropriate now to step up a gear so we have two acronyms for you today that may be of interest.

PEPPOL stands for Pan European Public Procurement On-Line. It enables government organisations and private companies to exchange electronic trading documents over an interoperable network.   Alongside GS1 (standardisation of codes for products, suppliers etc.) it is being adopted by the NHS as doubtless those in large NHS suppliers will be well aware. For anyone wanting a brief intro, go here. The particular reason for raising it is that the Danish Embassy is kindly inviting DHACA members to a session on Wednesday 8th March starting at 10am, to 3pm to share experiences from the Danish healthcare sector where PEPPOL has apparently been in use for some time. Contact Jes Lauritzen, on 020 7333 0219 or jeslau@um.dk as soon as possible if you want to attend.

PoR stands for Person-owned health document Repository – a personal health record. ISO has produced a document out for consultation describing PoRs and their usages which is here. Please have a read of it if you have time as, whilst this document is merely descrptive, it is likely to form the basis of a subsequent normative document (ie leading to an ISO standard) which obviously could have important consequences. Acronym-lovers will note a rich new seam.

Please send any comments to Melvin Reynolds on this template at MelvinR@AMS-Consulting.co.uk by March 15th so that he can collate all DHACA responses and submit them to BSI for final collation and submission by the deadline of 17th March, 2017.

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