Help Requests

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my recent requests for help with the Carers’ technology project and Brexit –  here is more on these and also a help request from Sue Dunkerton. Following completion of the research into potential care technology usable by carers that was the subject of my previous email, DHACA’s next task is to identify the best means of promoting the use of technology to carers via local authorities and GP surgeries. Because of the tight timetable, Carers UK is developing the dissemination material as I write, so your comments & suggestions would be hugely appreciated,

ADASS Care Apps Event – 7th March

This note is to ensure you are aware of the ADASS Care Apps Showcase and Conference 2017 on March 7th because this year they are supporting DHACA & Carers UK’s DH-sponsored work to encourage greater use of technology by carers. Of particular interest to members should be that the event will feature presentations from providers of digital products and from services and organisations supporting development of the market in these services with the care sector. In particular, the event will highlight around a dozen care apps and digital services selected from those uploaded to the Public Service Digital Exchange platform

Have you an interest in social care, Brexit or SBRI?

DHACA is being asked to represent its members on a couple of important issues. The most immediate is the future of SBRI where I will be attending a half-day session on this Friday 27th. I have already had some very helpful comments from members though would welcome more, especially from those not at last week’s meeting, before Friday, if you have any. On behalf of DHACA members I am now also plugged in to the Brexit planning for life sciences for which there is a weekly call, as well as various events. So far, though it is early days, I have

Want to get known worldwide as a digital health exporter?

Healthcare UK is committed to growing exports for British digital health organisations into emerging markets: the exporters’ directory is a critical part of our strategy. They are trying to get ever better at matching the opportunities identified in our target markets with the most appropriate organisations in the UK. To this end, they are seeking to understand what these organisations have to offer and the type of overseas opportunities those organisations would be keen to contract and deliver. This will also guide Healthcare UK’s colleagues in Embassies and High Commissions and enable them to find and qualify opportunities more effectively.