Book your next DHACA Days on 27 April and 21 June!

Today bookings for the next two DHACA days have gone live on Eventbrite. The Leeds meeting is here and the London meeting is here.

For Leeds, so far we have confirmed:

Opening address by Ian Sharp CEO of the Bradford Digital Catapult (which focuses on digital health and digital manufacturing). Note that we will be joining forces with the Catapult for this event: they will be marketing it jointly.

Andrew Sant Managing Director, White Light Consulting Ltd whose role is “Business Strategy for Intangible Assets or, put another way, Getting The Most Out of your IP”. In my view that does not adequately describe an exceptional raconteur who can make the topic of intellectual property really come alive, and may well make the difference for you between success and failure. In my view unmissable.

Steven Haigh, Programme Manager for the Sheffield Testbed Perfect Patient Pathway, to give us a real insight into the substantial challenges of establishing such an activity to promote innovation in the NHS (which to disclose I have had a small involement in), the NHS testbed concept, and his learnings from it.

Simon Bramwell, Project manager at ADI to talk about an extremely successful SBRI project on medication adherence and how that has resulted in a new product line, Medsminder, for the company.

Dr Ibrahim Habli, University of York, on the safety of medical software – a critically important issue for most members. Again, in my view, unmissable.

Lars Christian Dahle of Dignio, from Norway to tell us about “Improving Outcomes with Digital Care – the Norwegian Experience”

In addition we are expecting responses soon from:

NHS Digital who have kindly agreed to provide a speaker to describe the latest app assessment activity (which should be live on NHS Choices by then) and find an expert on Citizen ID to tell us about that key to personal authentication.

Roz Davies CEO of We Love Life in Sheffield “The aim of We Love Life is to explore and share how we can improve well-being through the combined potential of community building and technology.”

We expect to add more, shortly.

And finally, if there’s any time left, I’ve lots to report to members about becoming a Special Adviser to the CQC, NICE, app assessment, Brexit, Accelerated Access Review, the future of DHACA and, if you really push me, Those Interviews, on R5 & R4 Today on 3rd March!

As always, we’ll leave lots of time for networking which members tell us they really like. Book for the Leeds event here

If you’ve a pressing addition to the agenda, do let me know, in case we can fit it in…and please let me know what you’d like in London on Midsummer’s Day, and book as that is just a blank canvass at present.

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