Calling all Northern DHACA members

Please show support for these events in the North of the UK that we alternate with the London events, the expected final agenda is below. Please book here if you have not already booked.

10.00-10.30 Arrival and refreshments

10.30-10.55 Opening address by Ian Sharp CEO of the Bradford Digital Catapult

10.55-11.25 Andrew Sant Managing Director, White Light Consulting Ltd whose role is “Business Strategy for Intangible Assets or, put another way, Getting The Most Out of your IP”

11.25-11.50 Steven Haigh, Programme Manager for the Sheffield Testbed Perfect Patient Pathway, to give us a real insight into the substantial challenges of establishing such an activity to promote innovation in the NHS

11.50-12.25 Shaun Addy who is leading the delivery of Citizen Identity in NHS Digital: this is the system that will unlock a whole new era of personalised medicine in the NHS so will be essential for all developers to understand

12.25-12.50 Dr Ibrahim Habli, University of York, will discuss on the safety of medical software – a really critically important issue for most members

12.50-13-50 Lunch

13.50-14.15 Adrian Stavert-Dobson, Safehand Ltd will talk about the mandatory safety standards that all NHS trusts & CCGs must adhere to: SCCI 0129 & 0160

14.15-14.40 Lars Christian Dahle of Dignio, from Norway to tell us about “Improving Outcomes with Digital Care – the Norwegian Experience”

14.40-15.00 Charles Lowe to describe the £1Bn+ market for carers’ technology that the DHACA/Carers UK Dept. of Health contract has discovered, and what firms need to do to access that market

15.00-15.20 Refreshment break

15.20-16.00 Charles Lowe/others to describe: the NHS’s approach to app assessment, developments in the EU’s approach to app assessment, the CQC’s crackdown on online pharmacy services and what this means for the sector, Accelerated Access Review developments and digital health’s role in the UK’s digital Strategy

16.30 (latest) Depart

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