Enhancement Technologies

Although none of these technologies is particularly relevant to carers, they could be considered to be especially relevant to carers, as, for example, a loved one who is hard of hearing, or very weak, places a particular burden on their carer.

  • Hearing aids – increasingly being referred to as hearables these are set for a dramatic reduction in price and improvement in functionality as they become fashion items and combine vital signs measurement (especially temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen) and personal stereo with the original function.
  • Memory – a wide range of ‘brain training’ apps exist, to help improve memory though many offer little hard evidence of benefit.
  • Strength and durability – a very wide range of fitness apps now exist both to improve muscle strength and to enhance staying power. Many of these, such as the Seven Minute Workout require just a mobile phone and appropriate apparel and location.

Examples of providers include:

  • Geemarc: assistive technology products primarily for the hard of hearing

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