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Co Design


Agile evaluation

Responding to programme changes generates learning and best practice

Categories: Co Design, Collaboration, Community, Contribution, Evaluation, Recruitment and adoption

    Agile evaluation

    Responding to programme changes generates learning and best practice

    Aligning with Clinical Pathways

    The key to clinical acceptance and adoption

    Ambitious timescales

    For ambitious programmes like Living it Up planning timelines need to be much longer

    Challenges of Recruitment

    Setting target numbers before engaging the users can cause issues.

    Citizen Input

    Healthcare organisations need to realise that citizens can help redesign pathways

    Co-Design in LIU

    Co-design is very different from traditional consultation approaches.

    Co-design in Year Zero

    Involved designing with multiple user groups both professional and public.

    Co-Design Methodology

    How did Living it Up use co-design and what were the challenges?

    Co-designing for the internet and NHS

    Innovators need to identify pioneering clinicians

    Commissioner readiness for self care

    Self care can enable commissioners to become more proactive

    Creating Citizen centred services

    Year Zero tested the impact of putting citizens in control of their data

    Design Lessons

    Stakeholder commitment is the key to successful deployment

    Design Process

    Co-Design can be a revelation to professionals

    Digital Adoption

    A vision for a new or transformed service is the key to adoption

    Draft – Lessons learned on recruitment and engagement

    Why recruiting to a target is the wrong approach

    Evaluation and co-design

    dallas products and services were developed with users in the wild rather than a lab

    Find the Champions

    A focus on redesigning specific services has more chance of success than creating a platform

    House of Memories

    Liverpool museum and a local digital SME created this innovative dementia application

    iFocus and the 6Cs

    Connectedness and Contribution were central

    iFocus PainSense

    A digital service for chronic pain management

    Introducing DHACA

    A new organisation to build on the legacy of dallas

    LiU and the 6 C’s

    Translating high level design concepts into practical services

    Living it Up in 2015

    Living it Up and its target audience

    Living it Up today

    What makes up the Living it Up service?

    Mi and the 6Cs

    Connectedeness, Co Design and Collaboration are at the heart of More Independent

    MI’s biggest challenge

    Self Care is not in the DNA of the NHS

    Necessary Ingredients

    What is required to deliver a successful NHS digital service?

    Professional readiness for self care

    A massive shift in culture is underway

    Public readiness for self care

    Is there a movement towards taking more responsibility for health?

    Service innovation

    Service Innovation Design

    How to successfully deliver digital healthcare services

    The eRedbook

    Opportunities and challenges of developing a digital Personal Child Health Record.

    What is Mi?

    More Independent is a citywide programme for users to take control of the health and wellbeing

    Working in Partnership

    Diverse partners brought special skills to Year Zero

    Year Zero Digital Services

    Designer Davie McGirr describes the Year Zero suite of digital tools.