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Self care


A developing market

During the period of dallas concepts for digital services have become more sophisticated.

Categories: Choice, Collaboration, Community, Connectedness, Economic Impacts, Health Impacts, iFocus / dhaca, Interoperability, Risk and governance, Self care, The future

More information: https://connect.innovateuk.org/web/dallas/i-focus1

    A developing market

    During the period of dallas concepts for digital services have become more sophisticated.

    A key paradigm

    Personal Health records are key to iFocus and across dallas

    A power shift is needed

    Is professional fear of loss of control holding back digital health and care?

    An innovative collaboration

    Appetite for self management

    Users are ready but a change in culture is needed

    Appetite for Self Management

    How self care is different for users across health and social care and how it might develop in the future

    Buying in to Self Care

    Buy in from clinicians and citizens is more important than technology

    Co-designing for the internet and NHS

    Innovators need to identify pioneering clinicians

    Core Digital Services

    The four key services in Living it Up.

    Creating Citizen centred services

    Year Zero tested the impact of putting citizens in control of their data

    Dallas evaluation overview

    Rolling out a range services at the scale of dallas had never been done before

    Dallas is different

    Providing a challenge to traditional evaluation approaches

    Delivering Self Care

    Give users choice and control of their data.

    Digital health is not a drug

    Evaluation models from the pharma industry don’t test behaviour or system change

    Digital products and services

    Year Zero developed a wide range of digitally enabled services

    Does healthcare ‘get’ digital?

    Other sectors have empowered their users to take control and do more; can this work for healthcare.


    How a digital tool can help domiciliary care providers, clients and carers

    Evaluation findings – digital literacy

    Healthcare needs to take some responsibility for digital enablement

    Evaluation Fundings – no digital divide yet

    There was no socioeconomic divide in accessing dallas digital services

    Evidence for self care

    Clinicians listen when patients report the benefits of self care

    Flexibility is key to transformation

    The best partners not only want to change they have capability and capacity to follow thorugh

    Hearts and Minds

    Engaging with sceptical clinicians is crucial to transformation

    iFocus and the 6Cs

    Connectedness and Contribution were central

    iFocus Health Impact

    PainSense is a new digital service for sufferers of chronic pain

    iFocus PainSense

    A digital service for chronic pain management

    Impacts of Living it Up

    LIU is delivering behaviour change rather than targeting hard clinical outcomes.

    LiU and the 6 C’s

    Translating high level design concepts into practical services

    Living it Up in 2015

    Living it Up and its target audience

    Living it Up in the Future

    Evolving Living it Up into a self management hub with new digital services combining health and wellbeing.

    Living it Up today

    What makes up the Living it Up service?

    Living it Up today

    A service to support peoples self management more effectively

    MI’s biggest challenge

    Self Care is not in the DNA of the NHS

    New approaches to evaluation

    From Randomised Control Trials to AB testing

    Prescribing Technology 1

    Prescribing Technology 2

    Changing clinical attitudes is more important than mere numbers


    Living it Up will support prevention as a key part of Scotlands health strategy

    Professional readiness for self care

    A massive shift in culture is underway

    Public readiness for self care

    Is there a movement towards taking more responsibility for health?

    Putting the individual in control

    Creating patient held records is a radical concept in transforming healthcare

    Reactions to PHRs

    Clinician and patient have different reactions to Personal Health Record.

    Readiness of NHS organisations

    NHS teams may be open to transformation but organisational commitment is an issue

    Real evidence for telehealth

    Delivering significant reductions in hospital admissions in real life use

    Starting Out

    The original vision for Living it Up came from an asset and community approach

    The Challenge of Cultural Change

    Living it Up is a platform for Self Care

    The Future of Living it Up

    Living it Up could become the citizen interface for health and social care in Scotland.

    There is no Plan B

    Commmissioners have crucial role to play in transformation though digital

    What is Mi?

    More Independent is a citywide programme for users to take control of the health and wellbeing

    Why Personal health Records?

    How PHRs can gather disparate medical records into one place under citizen control.

    Why PHRs matter

    Putting citizens and consent first could improve data sharing

    Year Zero Digital Services

    Designer Davie McGirr describes the Year Zero suite of digital tools.