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A developing market

During the period of dallas concepts for digital services have become more sophisticated.

Categories: Choice, Collaboration, Community, Connectedness, Economic Impacts, Health Impacts, iFocus / dhaca, Interoperability, Risk and governance, Self care, The future

More information: https://connect.innovateuk.org/web/dallas/i-focus1

    A developing market

    During the period of dallas concepts for digital services have become more sophisticated.

    A key paradigm

    Personal Health records are key to iFocus and across dallas

    A power shift is needed

    Is professional fear of loss of control holding back digital health and care?

    Achieving Trust and Scale

    New enablers can help overcome challenges of governance and scalability

    Aims of the dallas programme

    Interoperability of technology and organisations was key from the start

    Background to dallas

    Previous projects and trials suggested a large scale demonstrator programme was needed

    Before Dallas – the whole System Demonstrator

    This large scale trial provoked as many questions as it answered

    Benefits of DHACA

    Join the collaboration

    Benefits of interoperability

    More than a technology problem

    Beyond technical interoperability

    Aligning motivations and agenda is a crucial first step

    Challenges of interoperability

    Technical interoperability is hard but may be less of a barrier than cultural interoperability


    Technology can bring choice into business as usual.

    Commissioner readiness for self care

    Self care can enable commissioners to become more proactive

    Control is the key principle

    It may be unfamiliar, even uncomfortable but the citizen needs to be in control

    Creating Citizen centred services

    Year Zero tested the impact of putting citizens in control of their data

    dallas – delivering at scale

    The aim was to have services that could work nationally

    dallas and the Whole System Demonstrator

    dallas took a systems approach to scale in contrast to clinical trials based on older technology

    Digital Service Transformation

    Not about technology but about changing the way people work


    How a digital tool can help domiciliary care providers, clients and carers

    End to end solutions

    Evaluation Findings – Market Readiness

    There are high level issues that remain to be solved.

    Evaluation findings – organisational readiness

    Organisations find operationalising change difficult even if they are enthusiastic

    Find the Champions

    A focus on redesigning specific services has more chance of success than creating a platform

    Finding the business model

    Interoperability is key to delivering a successful service

    Flexibility and appetite are key

    The Mi team has learned that you need multiple routes to deployment and a real appetite for change

    iFocus and the 6Cs

    Connectedness and Contribution were central

    iFocus PainSense

    A digital service for chronic pain management

    Impact – New IG Guidance

    working with key stakeholders to develop clearer guidelines for digital services.

    Impacting the mainstream

    More Independent is more than a technology programme

    Innovation impact

    Creating guidance on how clinical and private date interact

    Learning from Pharma

    DHACA promotes market access, procurement and business models for innovators

    Living it Up in the Future

    Evolving Living it Up into a self management hub with new digital services combining health and wellbeing.

    Local Governance

    The greatest impacts are achieved by local partnerships based on close relationships

    Making progress

    How we can connectthe fast moving internet to the safe and secure NHS

    Medical Apps approval process

    DHACA’s biggest achievement to date

    NHS Changes

    GP leadership has changed things for the better

    Personally Held Records

    Trusting the public is vital

    Plans evolve

    Introducing new services means being prepared to change the offer to users

    Prescribing Technology 1

    Professional readiness for self care

    A massive shift in culture is underway

    Public and private

    dallas addressed information flows within both health and care sectors

    Public readiness for self care

    Is there a movement towards taking more responsibility for health?

    Reactions to PHRs

    Clinician and patient have different reactions to Personal Health Record.

    Service innovation

    Sharing, privacy and Information Governance

    dallas has made a difference in understadning how data needs to flow to the citizen

    Stakeholder Management

    Diverse partners bring creativity and agility but their cultural differences take significant management

    The Challenge of Cultural Change

    Living it Up is a platform for Self Care

    The eRedbook

    Opportunities and challenges of developing a digital Personal Child Health Record.

    The Future of Mi

    Liverpool is investing in a platform for the future

    The iFocus community

    Addressing the technical and organisational challenge of interoperability

    There is no Plan B

    Commmissioners have crucial role to play in transformation though digital

    Two Levels of Interoperability

    Cultural fit between organisations can be as much of a barrier ot interoperability as technology

    Why DHACA is needed

    Progresss towards a new process for approving medical apps.

    Why Personal health Records?

    How PHRs can gather disparate medical records into one place under citizen control.

    Why PHRs matter

    Putting citizens and consent first could improve data sharing

    Working in Partnership

    Diverse partners brought special skills to Year Zero