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The future


A developing market

During the period of dallas concepts for digital services have become more sophisticated.

Categories: Choice, Collaboration, Community, Connectedness, Economic Impacts, Health Impacts, iFocus / dhaca, Interoperability, Risk and governance, Self care, The future

More information: https://connect.innovateuk.org/web/dallas/i-focus1

    A developing market

    During the period of dallas concepts for digital services have become more sophisticated.

    A Digital Catalyst

    Living it Up's future is as a national platform for Scotland

    A growing partnership

    The collaborators in Living it Up have built capacity for the future

    A key paradigm

    Personal Health records are key to iFocus and across dallas

    A power shift is needed

    Is professional fear of loss of control holding back digital health and care?

    Achieving Trust and Scale

    New enablers can help overcome challenges of governance and scalability

    Advice from LIU

    What does an organisation need to do to transform with digital services?

    Appetite for self management

    Users are ready but a change in culture is needed

    Digital Service Transformation

    Not about technology but about changing the way people work

    Digital should be BAU

    This is mainstream healthcare not IT

    Does healthcare ‘get’ digital?

    Other sectors have empowered their users to take control and do more; can this work for healthcare.

    Economic Growth

    Healthcare innovation is a contributor rather than a drain on the regional economy

    Evaluating Holistically

    Evaluating service transformation means moving beyond Randomised Control Trials

    Evaluation findings – organisational readiness

    Organisations find operationalising change difficult even if they are enthusiastic

    Evaluation findings – digital literacy

    Healthcare needs to take some responsibility for digital enablement

    Evaluation findings – public readiness

    We need a new conversation about privacy, technology and Information Governance

    Evaluation Fundings – no digital divide yet

    There was no socioeconomic divide in accessing dallas digital services

    Future Growth

    Plans for expanding Living it Up after dallas.

    Health is wealth

    Impacts of Living it Up

    LIU is delivering behaviour change rather than targeting hard clinical outcomes.

    Improving adoption

    Some things only political leadership can resolve


    Living it Up is now a live service - what does that mean for innovation?

    Introducing DHACA

    A new organisation to build on the legacy of dallas

    Learning from Pharma

    DHACA promotes market access, procurement and business models for innovators

    Liverpool putting citizens in control

    Only by putting citizens in control of data can we scale self care

    Living it Up in the Future

    Evolving Living it Up into a self management hub with new digital services combining health and wellbeing.

    Local Governance

    The greatest impacts are achieved by local partnerships based on close relationships

    Medical Apps approval process

    DHACA’s biggest achievement to date

    MI as a Living Lab

    New healthcare products and citizen insight can generate economic growth

    New approaches to evaluation

    From Randomised Control Trials to AB testing

    New Business Opportunities

    Engaging with LIU provides new business opportunities for industry partners

    Overall findings on readiness for Digital Health

    Are organisations, individuals or policy makers ready for these technologies


    The unique partnership behind Living it Up.

    Personally Held Records

    Trusting the public is vital


    Living it Up will support prevention as a key part of Scotlands health strategy

    Putting the individual in control

    Creating patient held records is a radical concept in transforming healthcare

    SMEs and the NHS

    Improving access for SMEs is the only way for the NHS to tap into specialist digital capabilities

    The Challenge of Cultural Change

    Living it Up is a platform for Self Care

    The Future is mainstream

    The Future of Living it Up

    Living it Up could become the citizen interface for health and social care in Scotland.

    The Future of Mi

    Liverpool is investing in a platform for the future

    The Prize for the UK

    Get assets working together and we can be as good at digital health as at digital across the economy.

    There is no Plan B

    Commmissioners have crucial role to play in transformation though digital

    User Engagement

    Citizens and clinicians each need an engagement plan

    Why DHACA is needed

    Progresss towards a new process for approving medical apps.