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Agile evaluation

Responding to programme changes generates learning and best practice

Categories: Co Design, Collaboration, Community, Contribution, Evaluation, Recruitment and adoption

    Agile evaluation

    Responding to programme changes generates learning and best practice

    An evaluation challenge

    dallas was a complex ever-changing project not a single service

    Background to dallas

    Previous projects and trials suggested a large scale demonstrator programme was needed

    Before Dallas – the whole System Demonstrator

    This large scale trial provoked as many questions as it answered

    Benefits of DHACA

    Join the collaboration

    Challenges of evaluation

    Deployment in the real world makes evaluation messy

    Challenges of recruitment

    It is hard to recruit people to a service they can't see

    Challenges of Recruitment

    Setting target numbers before engaging the users can cause issues.

    Choosing the right targets

    Using appropriate digital metrics may be more useful than setting simple user targets

    Co-Design Methodology

    How did Living it Up use co-design and what were the challenges?

    Co-designing for the internet and NHS

    Innovators need to identify pioneering clinicians

    dallas and the Whole System Demonstrator

    dallas took a systems approach to scale in contrast to clinical trials based on older technology

    Dallas evaluation overview

    Rolling out a range services at the scale of dallas had never been done before

    Dallas is different

    Providing a challenge to traditional evaluation approaches

    Digital health is not a drug

    Evaluation models from the pharma industry don’t test behaviour or system change

    Draft – Lessons learned on recruitment and engagement

    Why recruiting to a target is the wrong approach

    Evaluating benefits

    Local benefits need to be evaluated locally

    Evaluating Holistically

    Evaluating service transformation means moving beyond Randomised Control Trials

    Evaluation Advice

    Focus on deployment, learning and benefit in the real world

    Evaluation advice

    Think carefully about achievable timescales and holistic approaches to evaluation

    Evaluation and co-design

    dallas products and services were developed with users in the wild rather than a lab

    Evaluation Findings – Market Readiness

    There are high level issues that remain to be solved.

    Evaluation findings – organisational readiness

    Organisations find operationalising change difficult even if they are enthusiastic

    Evaluation findings – digital literacy

    Healthcare needs to take some responsibility for digital enablement

    Evaluation findings – public readiness

    We need a new conversation about privacy, technology and Information Governance

    Evaluation Fundings – no digital divide yet

    There was no socioeconomic divide in accessing dallas digital services

    Evaluation Lessons

    We need new ways of evaluating transformed services

    Evidence for self care

    Clinicians listen when patients report the benefits of self care

    Get it out there

    Capitalise on enthusiasm as much as possible


    Living it Up is now a live service - what does that mean for innovation?

    Introducing DHACA

    A new organisation to build on the legacy of dallas

    Learning from Pharma

    DHACA promotes market access, procurement and business models for innovators

    Measurable Healthcare Impact

    Reducing A+E attendance with multichannel GP access

    Medical Apps approval process

    DHACA’s biggest achievement to date

    Mi Evaluation

    More Independent has commisioned a range of insight studies to prove the impact of dallas

    Mixed methods of evaluation

    Involving both qualitative and quantitative approaches

    New approaches to evaluation

    From Randomised Control Trials to AB testing

    Overall findings on readiness for Digital Health

    Are organisations, individuals or policy makers ready for these technologies

    Readiness advice

    The dallas communities developed successful strategies for engaging staff and service users

    Real evidence for telehealth

    Delivering significant reductions in hospital admissions in real life use

    Theoretical framework

    Normalisation Process Theory was used to glean learning from qualitative data

    Waiting for Evidence

    What evidence do we need before we transform services?

    Why DHACA is needed

    Progresss towards a new process for approving medical apps.

    Working in Partnership

    Diverse partners brought special skills to Year Zero