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Advice for Others


A power shift is needed

Is professional fear of loss of control holding back digital health and care?

Categories: Advice for Others, Choice, Community, Connectedness, Control, Economic Impacts, Health Impacts, Interoperability, Risk and governance, Self care, The future, Year Zero

More information: http://www.digitallifesciences.co.uk/year-zero/

    A power shift is needed

    Is professional fear of loss of control holding back digital health and care?

    Achieving Trust and Scale

    New enablers can help overcome challenges of governance and scalability

    Advice from LIU

    What does an organisation need to do to transform with digital services?

    Ambitious timescales

    For ambitious programmes like Living it Up planning timelines need to be much longer

    Benefits of DHACA

    Join the collaboration

    Beyond technical interoperability

    Aligning motivations and agenda is a crucial first step

    Challenges of Recruitment

    Setting target numbers before engaging the users can cause issues.

    Choosing the right targets

    Using appropriate digital metrics may be more useful than setting simple user targets

    Citizen Input

    Healthcare organisations need to realise that citizens can help redesign pathways

    Co-Design in LIU

    Co-design is very different from traditional consultation approaches.

    Co-design in Year Zero

    Involved designing with multiple user groups both professional and public.

    Creative Engagement

    Unusual partners can help healthcare organisations engage with users

    Digital Service Transformation

    Not about technology but about changing the way people work

    Digital should be BAU

    This is mainstream healthcare not IT

    Does healthcare ‘get’ digital?

    Other sectors have empowered their users to take control and do more; can this work for healthcare.

    Evaluating benefits

    Local benefits need to be evaluated locally

    Evaluating Holistically

    Evaluating service transformation means moving beyond Randomised Control Trials

    Evaluation Advice

    Focus on deployment, learning and benefit in the real world

    Evaluation advice

    Think carefully about achievable timescales and holistic approaches to evaluation

    Find the Champions

    A focus on redesigning specific services has more chance of success than creating a platform

    Flexibility and appetite are key

    The Mi team has learned that you need multiple routes to deployment and a real appetite for change

    Flexibility is key to transformation

    The best partners not only want to change they have capability and capacity to follow thorugh

    Forging a Vision

    Even in a digital project initial facetime is essential

    Hearts and Minds

    Engaging with sceptical clinicians is crucial to transformation

    House of Memories

    Liverpool museum and a local digital SME created this innovative dementia application

    Improving adoption

    Some things only political leadership can resolve

    Innovation impact

    Creating guidance on how clinical and private date interact

    Introducing DHACA

    A new organisation to build on the legacy of dallas

    Keep at it

    Determination and the right clinical champions are the key to success

    Key Lessons from Mi

    Try something different and be prepared to think again

    Key Lessons learned

    Two alternative strategies for digitally enabled transformation

    Key to Success in Birmingham

    What characteristics of the Vitality GP Partnership made it the most successful new service in Year Zero?

    Learning from Pharma

    DHACA promotes market access, procurement and business models for innovators

    Local Governance

    The greatest impacts are achieved by local partnerships based on close relationships

    Measurable Healthcare Impact

    Reducing A+E attendance with multichannel GP access

    Medical Apps approval process

    DHACA’s biggest achievement to date

    MI’s biggest challenge

    Self Care is not in the DNA of the NHS

    Necessary Ingredients

    What is required to deliver a successful NHS digital service?

    New approaches to evaluation

    From Randomised Control Trials to AB testing

    Out of our comfort zone

    Drawing expertise from beyond healthcare is challenging but brings creativity

    Plans evolve

    Introducing new services means being prepared to change the offer to users

    Prescribing Technology 2

    Changing clinical attitudes is more important than mere numbers

    Readiness advice

    The dallas communities developed successful strategies for engaging staff and service users

    Readiness of NHS organisations

    NHS teams may be open to transformation but organisational commitment is an issue

    Readiness to Scale

    This needs organisations with a vision and willingness and ability to change

    Scale and Devolution

    Local initiatives may scale faster and deeper than national solutions

    Service innovation

    Service Innovation Design

    How to successfully deliver digital healthcare services

    Stakeholder Management

    Diverse partners bring creativity and agility but their cultural differences take significant management

    Transformation, pace and disruption

    The NHS and industry have different approaches to change

    Two Levels of Interoperability

    Cultural fit between organisations can be as much of a barrier ot interoperability as technology

    Waiting for Evidence

    What evidence do we need before we transform services?

    Why DHACA is needed

    Progresss towards a new process for approving medical apps.