Have you an interest in social care, Brexit or SBRI?

DHACA is being asked to represent its members on a couple of important issues. The most immediate is the future of SBRI where I will be attending a half-day session on this Friday 27th. I have already had some very helpful comments from members though would welcome more, especially from those not at last week’s meeting, before Friday, if you have any.

On behalf of DHACA members I am now also plugged in to the Brexit planning for life sciences for which there is a weekly call, as well as various events. So far, though it is early days, I have found myself in a minority of one among supplier representatives arguing the case for mHealth software, with others more concerned about items being stuck in customs. As a result I have been making a strong case for a common legislative approach to the EU to facilitate exports without requiring adherence to multiple regulatory regimes. Do you support this? Have you particular views you would like me to express? Please let me know, and keep in touch with further thoughts. Let me know also if you want regular updates on progress.

Finally, DHACA is seeking to secure a contract for publicising the use of technology to assist carers. We will be working closely with Carers UK to deliver this. The work will likely consist of three elements:

  • Identifying all the different types of technology currently available to assist carers;
  • Producing appropriate material and disseminating it;
  • Identifying unmet needs of carers to inform future technology developments.

As this would be one of very few opportunities for DHACA to support itself, I do hope you will be keen to assist by letting me know if you provide, or plan to provide, such technology – and briefly describe it. Also help with disseminating material will be greatly appreciated – are you speaking at an appropriate event where you could mention it? Note that current plans are to include as exhaustive a list as possible of UK suppliers of such technology, as well a other appropriate suppliers we are aware of.

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