Living It Up

The dallas (delivering assisted living lifestyles at scale) programme was developed by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK and joint funded by the National Institute for Health Research and the Scottish Government. The programme tasked four consortia to think beyond traditional health and social care to consider how new ideas and technology can be used to improve the way people live. This included the full life cycle of engaging with communities to co-design and redesign services; to develop and roll out innovative solutions supporting self-care; to promote and increase digital inclusions and awareness of digital self-care; and to explore how to mainstream and sustain successful self-care products and services.

Living it Up is a digitally enabled community of opportunities (aimed primarily at people over the age of 50 and people living with long term health conditions) to support better health, wellbeing and active lifestyles in Scotland. A key activity was co-design in the community and a key output was a web based portal signposting people to health and wellness services across Scotland.

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