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Charles Lowe

Charles Lowe

DHACA Day – July 11th

The principal reason for this newsletter is to ensure you are all aware of our first  DHACA Day (aka Members’ Day) on July 11th – we still have spaces available so do please come along and join us. You can book here, where you’ll also find details of the day. We have some really great inspirational speakers for you from across the health and care spectrum. More importantly though, this is the opportunity for you all to say where you want DHACA to focus its efforts, and to help us achieve what you want. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the day, and be inspired.

EU Green Paper on mHealth

I also just want to point out that we have now completed our first piece of work: the response to the EU Green Paper on mHealth. The final version of the document will very shortly be in the Resource Centre on our website for you to read and, if you want, use in your individual submissions – do please credit DHACA with it though. Members of the Special Interest Group who participated in developing this included Alan Day, Caroline Rivett, Chris Vincent, Claudia Pagliari, Doug Hopkins, Francis White, Julie Bretland, Malcolm Fisk, Nigel Dallard, Phil Stradling, Simon Bramwell, Tim Craig and Tony Hunter. Many thanks to all who helped!

Hope to see you on 11th July.

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