Newsletter July (2)

Hello everyone.

In this newsletter we cover the first DHACA-Day last Friday, including the output, in terms of Special Interest Group (SIG) engagement, the DH’s latest consultation, on information, and additions to resources on the website.


Informal feedback from attendees was of a hugely successful event at the DTG offices in Vauxhall last Friday. There were of course the inevitable no-shows for a free event, however they were thankfully few. Every presentation was well received; these are now available under the Resources tab in the members’ section of the website.

Informal feedback at the time was that the event was very well received; attendees said they found it thoroughly worthwhile.

As a result, plans are being laid to run a second DHACA-Day in Liverpool, in early October. We will notify members of the date the moment it is confirmed.

Finally, when clearing up we found a “Sharpie” pen – happy to return it to its rightful owner.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
A feature of the day was the after lunch work on SIGs – it proved so exciting that unfortunately we didn’t manage to record every person at each SIG table, so members, whether they attended or not, are encouraged to respond to me if they feel they would like to be a member of a SIG that they are not down for, or they are down for a SIG that they don’t want to be.

Economic & Business Modelling
Champions: Keren Down, Huw Jones
Members: Troy Clark, Simon Bramwell, Rod Hulme, Richard Silverstein, Mark Bartlett, Graham De’Ath, Alan How, Adesina Iluyemi

Reference Architecture
Champion: Nigel Dallard
Members: Thomas Buchendorfer, Simon Bramwell, Louise Parberry, Jon Devonport, Jim Charvill, Damien Hampton, Andrew Michaelson, Alan Day

Champion: Hazel Harper
Members: Steve Barnard, Phil Stradling, Madeleine Starr, Heather Lambert, Gerry Wynne, Colin Holloway, Alyson Bell

Medical Apps
Champions: Phil Dylak, Charles Lowe
Members: Richard Stubbs, Victoria Betton, Uzair Adam, Jim Charvill, Adrian Flowerday

Metrics & Measurement
Champion: John Eaglesham
Members: Tom Davis, Adam Hoare, Katy Lethbridge

Information Governance
Champion: Phil Stradling,
Members: Stuart Revell, Simon Bramwell, Leonard Anderson, Carol McCall

Champion: to be confirmed
Members: Shirley Ayres, Daniel Moulin, Carol Stafford

Of the SIG suggestions circulated beforehand, Procurement and Silver Book did not attract significant interest on the day.

A suggested introduction to each SIG was circulated to all members prior to the meeting and is on the website. We will shortly be creating individual pages for each SIG on the members’ area of the website and will include in that the photographed output from each SIG table on the day. During August I will also endeavour to contact each SIG champion to agree a work programme involving all members of their SIG, so do please get those expressions of interest in joining a SIG flooding in soon. (I will, by the way, assume that all SIG members are happy for me to share contact details with the champion(s) – do please let me know if you do not want me to do that.)


As briefly mentioned on DHACA-Day, the Department of Health has launched a consultation entitled “Protecting personal health and care data”. Full details are at Submission deadline is August 8th at “12:00am” (a time that many believe does not exist – perhaps best to interpret it as midday on Friday 8th, to be sure).

Given all the other activity underway in DHACA, the relatively short time frame and the holiday season, we do not propose as large an exercise as we did for the EU Green Paper on mHealth where we were given much longer to respond in. Obviously we would encourage members to respond on this key topic – if you would like DHACA to produce a response on behalf of members, do please send me your answers to the individual questions (only 13 – so much less onerous than the EU consultation) as soon as possible and I will draft up a combined response. I’m also happy to arrange a meeting in the early part of the week beginning 4th August if members would like; let me know soon.

The consultation introduces the concept of an Accredited Safe Haven (“ASH”) as the place where in the future personal information from different sources should be combined for the purposes of data analytics, which does seem a sensible way of enabling the benefits of big data whilst recognising the need to avoid such personal information be used for purposes for which it should not. There is other stuff in there too, including the key area of case management, controlling the release of data, and equality issues. Well worth a read…and a response!

Additional resources

DHACA has recently joined the EU Action Group C2 which is part of the European Innovation Partnership On Active And Healthy Ageing. They have just produced an excellent and interesting document entitled “Deliverable 4: A Set of good practices that supports the implementation of interoperable and independent living solutions”, which is now under the Resources tab.

Finally, we remain interested in hearing any suggestions from members on things DHACA could or should be doing – do please drop me a line if you have an idea.

Best regards,

Charles Lowe
M: 07860 619424
S: charles_lowe
T: @LoweCM

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