NIB roadmaps published – DHACA members’ comments please!

The National Information Board has now produced the promised ‘roadmaps’, the first significant deliverables from the Personalising Health & Care to 2020 paper published last November.

As a result of strong DHACA membership feedback that was sent to the NIB directly, and via Helen Rowntree following our last London DHACA Day, your Association is represented on three of these workstreams and has made a major input into each.  Very briefly, this input has covered:

Workstream 1.2 – the importance of an evaluation framework, and support for GPs to recommend apps (DHACA presentation to the Workstream project is here);

Workstream 5 – representation in particular of SME concerns about how best to facilitate rapid engagement with the NHS;

Workstream 6 – recognition that the caring workforce includes patients & carers (albeit unpaid), and that the informatics profession includes both coders and information users

We now have an opportunity as an Association to respond to these roadmaps so members are invited please to send comments as soon as possible. If there is sufficient interest we will arrange a meeting or conference call for members to help built a combined response. We will also make some time at the next DHACA Day on 6th July to discuss them too (if you’ve not yet booked and want to come, there are sure to be a few dropouts so do put your name down on the waitlist)

We look forward very much to hearing from you.

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