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Dallas Dictionary This is a snapshot of the dictionary to date. It only contains basic definitions, and these need to be refined, and new ones added. Please feel free to contribute by editing or commenting on this posting.


The wide variety of terms in use in dallas require some consistency of use in order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. The dallas dictionary is an attempt to give this consistency of use by defining the major terms (up to only about two dozen or so) that are drawn from the regular discussions and engagement in the dallas communities. This initial

dallas Dictionary

“What’s in a name..?” Many terms involved in the Assisted Living sector are used in subtly different ways by difference people. This can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. We want to agree on the key terms we are using across dallas and beyond. Check out the evolving dictionary and make your contribution. We think there will be 2-3 dozen key terms that we would like everyone to agree on. To do this via this site, please place a Comment on this article if you wish to propose a term that needs an agreed definition, or even the definition itself, we