9. Personal Health Records and statutory systems

With increased emphasis being placed on self-management of health and well-being, it is important that a patient can import data from his/her statutory health record into his/her personal health record, and also for him/her to be able to share this data with health professionals if he/she so desires. This work area will focus on addressing the barriers to this interfacing between PHRs and statutory systems.

Interoperability Initiatives

Personal Health Records

The Personal Health Record is recognised as a key enabler of the shift of the locus of information flows from institutions to individuals. Phil Stradling of Microsoft takes up the story: dallas and Personal Health Records “A requirement that is already emerging from the DALLAS communities is the need for an open architecture and a platform that will facilitate the implementation of existing and new applications that are inherently secure, interoperable and scalable. An illustration of the value of an open architecture for scalability across communities is the imaginary scenario where Deirdre Drake, an elderly woman with COPD