DHACA exceeds 100 members


Digital Health and Care AllianceDHACA (Digital Health and Care Alliance) has recently exceeded 100 members, and new members are joining at a rate of 1-2 per day. Meanwhile, the DHACA core team within i-focus are busy preparing the first events and working out the governance details. The intention is that once this initial phase is over, members themselves will have the most important say in how DHACA is run, and what are its priority activities.  To get things started, we are working on mHealth Apps as

Prioritisation Framework

The Priority Framework is given here: Intro Documents are intended to be exploratory works introducing a topic that will have interoperability implications for future, as yet unimplemented, products or services Non-technical Guidance documents are intended to clarify areas which are currently seen or raised as barriers to interoperability. Normative Profile documents are intended to give firm advice or standards for the implementation of products or services, in ways that can be checked and approved. Technical Library areas are references to speicfic technical information, interfaces, APIs, specifications etc, that are of value

Interoperability Priorities

The prioritisation work that i-focus executed within Q1 has now been reviewed and finalised. The full report on this work is now available. The priority Interoperability Initiatives for Phase 1 of i-focus are finalised as: Priority Initiative 1 3. Use of Consumers’ Existing Devices 2 9. Interfacing of PHR with statutory services 3 1. Multi-platform Service Delivery 4 7. ID & Consent While the other Interoperability Initiatives received some support from the

Where to start?

The scope of dallas is potentially huge. If we are to be effective we have to select, define and prioritise very carefully. i-focus is working with the other dallas Communities to develop process for prioritizing design and interoperability work. This process is being finalised, and the prioritisation mechanism is being rolled out now. – take a look and feel free to post or email your comments.