DHACA in standards work


DHACA has been invited by the British Standards Institute to represent the interests of users of healthcare technologies in standards-setting discussions. Clearly there is no desire to replicate the excellent work already under way by, for example, Continua and Brunel University, so we will be seeking members’ views on priorities before we decide on the extent and the focus of appropriate activities. In the meantime, we will be seeking BSI advice on standards under discussion and flagging them up on this site.

Interoperability: costly? Limits differentiation?

Interoperability is often perceived as an unnecessary cost for suppliers, especially suppliers who are capable or have ambitions to dominate the market through offering comprehensive turnkey solutions. For smaller players the benefits of interoperability are perhaps clearer, but for them the perceived costs are more daunting. Some suppliers are concerned that interoperability will lead to plain vanilla, commoditised markets with little opportunity for differentiation. Comparison with other sectors shows that this need not be the case. Here there are two factors in play: (a) The cost of developing and implementing interoperability in digital health and care (b) The cost of not implementing