Want to get known worldwide as a digital health exporter?

Healthcare UK is committed to growing exports for British digital health organisations into emerging markets: the exporters’ directory is a critical part of our strategy.

They are trying to get ever better at matching the opportunities identified in our target markets with the most appropriate organisations in the UK. To this end, they are seeking to understand what these organisations have to offer and the type of overseas opportunities those organisations would be keen to contract and deliver. This will also guide Healthcare UK’s colleagues in Embassies and High Commissions and enable them to find and qualify opportunities more effectively.

Also, they are developing the way in which the UK’s capabilities can be promoted more effectively to potential overseas customers. They are looking to maintain a cache of digital marketing materials that their colleagues in Embassies and High Commissions can use to promote your services to investors, developers, operators, training providers and digital customers.

The information that each organization will provide will be used exclusively by Healthcare UK and Department for International Trade colleagues based in British Embassies and High Commissions for the purpose of promoting the UK healthcare sector and responding to specific overseas opportunities for UK organisations.

They have commissioned Louise Sinclair of Redder Associates to support this activity. She asks that all of our members interested possibly in exporting should please complete this survey form which will feed the exporters’ directory.

If you have queries regarding this exercise or anything else related to international health and care commercial opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact Maddy Bose, Assistant Director, Healthcare UK, Digital Healthcare Lead, Madhukar.bose@trade.gsi.gov.uk +44(0)7841947151

Finally, if you’re wondering why you’re getting more emails from me/DHACA recently, it seems that this is the direct result of our recognition by the Accelerated Access Review as now the major digital health organisation in the UK, which has to be good news! We’re off to the OLS shortly to talk about how we can help deliver the AAR recommendations.

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