Information Governance

Defining new guidance for data sharing and challenge the statutory sector to improve interoperability and data sharing between consumer and statutory sectors for continuity of care and assisted living purposes.

Medical Apps

Developing a freely-available road map from app coding through to patient use, to inform developers, GPs, and patients on key issues. Promoting the DHACA case for NICE’s remit to be enlarged to include medical software.

Self Care

Developing a strategy to ensure maximum adoption of self-care services by those people who could benefit from self-care, encouraging new innovations at scale within a local economy and connected to national initiatives.

Healthcare Education

Exploring ways to support the training of healthcare professionals to use innovative digital technologies in their workflows and professional relationships with patients.

Reference Architecture

Developing a common technical framework for interoperable digital health and care ecosystems, for stakeholders to develop systems, components and APIs that interconnect according to business requirements with minimal technical barriers.

Economics and Business Modelling

Providing emerging digital health and care service entrants with an understanding of the landscape & market architecture to large-scale, sustainable consumer businesses, and the required business opportunities & partnerships.

Benefits and Values

Measure and demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits a digital health and care system, to justify investments. Measuring more than just cost-avoidance, and do justice to the scope, power and value of digital health and care systems.

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