A selection of commercial suppliers

Telecare & ADLs

As mentioned earlier, in addition to the following almost every council with social service responsibilities has a site providing telecare service advice locally. One example of this is the Argenti consortium, delivering telecare on behalf of Hampshire County Council

Full service/multi-supplier Appello: offers a range of services

Bendigo: a dementia-focused start-up or http://bendigo.eu/


Centra Group: primarily a monitoring organisation

Birth Injury Justice Center: dedicated to supporting anyone who has been affected by birth injuries, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, and other developmental disabilities

Brain in hand: a popular site providing help for people with autism

Good Samaritan (includes a cook stop)

Hanover Scotland is primarily a telecare supplier

Kemuri offers easy-to-install environmental monitoring and will be adding health monitoring shortly (May 2020)

Medvivo currently primarily a monitoring organisation

Millbrook: sells a multitude of assistive technologies; includes a self-assessment system

More than mobility: a wide range of independent living products

Nottingham Rehab Supplies (NRS) offers a wide range of products; they are also now selling via Amazon and Argos.

Tell Me Now has a similar structure to the DLF (above) including a personal shopping guide (“Angie”)  though it appears less extensive and more commercial

The Unlimited Company, trading as Simply Health, offers a free home assessment service and some technology advice though principal focus seems to be on mobility aids

Therapybox: has a wide range of technologies to help people who have difficulty communicating including those who have lost their voice

Tunstall: offers a wide range of technologies and services, also at https://www.telecarechoice.co.uk/

Tynetec: primarily a telecare supplier with a growing and impressive product range

Welbeing: primarily a monitoring organisation, though looking to grow fast

A selection of other suppliers

11health: ostomy alerts

Alcove: “pioneering independent living”

Buddi: the “go anywhere, anytime personal emergency response service”

Callalert: “24/7 Help at the touch of a button”

Canary Care: “help your loved ones continue to live in their own homes for longer”

Caretech: “24 hr help when you need it” http://www.call24hour.com/shop/index.php

Caring Cloud: “help your loved one remain confident and independent at home”

Cera: is an online homebased care provider

Chubb: a significant telecare supplier

Covonia: a cough medication supplier offering a “Guide on handling coughs and colds in the elderly” 

Doro: easy to use mobile phones

Easylink: “assistive technologies to enable independent living”

Future Care: “an innovative and disruptive provider of health and wellbeing solutions in the UK and abroad”:

Geemarc: assistive technology products primarily for the hard of hearing

Jointly: an app to enable joint caring

Just Checking: telecare based on activities of daily living (ADL) monitoring http://www.justchecking.co.uk/

Konnektis: a carer coordination app

Monitorgo: “like a pendant but works everywhere and does much more”

MySOSfamily: ”Turn any phone into a personal safety device”:

Oysta: “Comprehensive 24-hour support for vulnerable people”

Possum: assisted living services particularly appropriate for those with limited movement/dexterity

Rally Round Me: an app to enable joint caring

Sirona: “helps people who wish to stay independent and in their own home”

SuperCarers: is a marketplace for careworkers

Vida: an integrated careworker delivery service

Yecco: is an app allowing carers and patients to manage and coordinate care and support


All health services, if available on the NHS and appropriate for the individual, should be free at the point of care. The first point of call therefore should be your GP surgery or local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – click here to find your local CCG.

Health-related technology suppliers that you may need to pay for if the NHS does not provide them include:

Babylon Health is an online GP service increasingly using AI in place of humans

Baywater offers a full telehealth service including monitoring

Big White Wall offers a range of therapies for mental health management

Dignio is a Norwegian company offering remote care “healthcare moves home”

Docobo has a range of telehealth offerings

Dr Morton’s is an online GP service that provides “direct speedy access to experienced UK doctors for inexpensive confidential reassurance or advice”

Dr Now is an online GP service combined with an online pharmacy http://www.drnow.com/

Echo is an app that is both fulfills repeat prescriptions and is a medication reminder

Florence is a simple telehealth service using SMS messaging with a website at https://www.getflorence.co.uk/; the Health Foundation is running a promotion only for this service at

Ieso’s mental health services are available via NHS Choices. The services are free in some areas (see link)

Kardia/AliveCor – the device syncs with a smartphone to give an ECG reading of your heart function. Using the free app, it can detect atrial fibrillation, which is a precursor to a blood clot that could cause a stroke or thrombosis. Also available as a strap for an Apple watch. /

Lloyds Pharmacy has an online doctor service

My Inhealthcare  “which can be used for a number of conditions including obesity, AF, hypertension etc. The app enables the carer to enter dosing instructions on behalf of the patient and receive new dosages from the GP.”

Patient is an EMIS site that offers health-related advice and will increasingly include a range of carefully-assessed health apps

Pharmacy2U fulfils prescriptions by post – requesting repeat prescriptions is very simple

Pixie pads enable your smartphone to detect a UTI infection in an incontinent person

Push Doctor is an online GP service offering (almost) immediate consultations

The Scottish Centre for Telehealth & Telecare is a useful resource for users in Scotland

Telehealth Solutions offer services, including monitoring, also at https://www.microtechsupport.co.uk/telehealth

Travelling with diabetes provides excellent advice on the topic, and the parent provides health-related travel insurance

Tunstall offers services, including monitoring

WebMD’s UK site in association with Boots gives health advice and offers a symptom checker

Zephyr guide: “Free Animated Guide for ‘Press and Breathe’ Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI’s)”

Note that a number of the companies mentioned in the previous list also provide a range of health-related services, including Appello, Medvivo, Tynetec and Welbeing