A saying credited to Winston Churchill (though disputed) is “never waste a terrible crisis” which seems an apt instruction for how we might spend an hour or so on Wednesday trying to turn the tables and ultimately get some benefit from the pandemic. The intention is to look beyond homeworking and simple doctor/patient comms to see how the panel and the audience think that the treatment of people with the virus, and the lockdown, will ultimately impact the use of technology in medicine. We’d then like to explore what we can do now to cement those future benefits. For example, at a Kings Fund event ten days ago, one of the keynote speakers suggested that the virus would force those hospitals with poor DToC statistics to speed up their discharge process significantly. Hopefully we’ll unearth a good few of these more unexpected benefits too in our debate. After the event, we will write it up for the benefit of all.

The panel we have assembled is:

Guy Boersma, Managing Director Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network and digital health lead for the AHSN Network
Dr Keith Grimes, Clinical Innovation Director, Babylon Health
Des Holden Medical Director, Kent Surrey & Sussex Academic Health Science Network
Loy Lobo President of the Digital Health Section of the Royal Society of Medicine
Harry Longman, CEO of askmyGP

I will chair the panel. Kent Surrey & Sussex AHSN has kindly provided the webinar facility.

The intention is to start at 10 am and close on or before 11.30 am. The format is that we will give each of the panel at least five minutes to explain what they do and what their initial thoughts are. During that time we want you the audience to start making suggestions and asking questions so we then have a lively set of thoughts and ideas to debate.

Please register for the event now, here. (When you register is says “DHACA Audio  Conference” though I am hoping that those on the panel who want to will also be visible on video.)

As an aside I’d just add that the following week we are hoping to have a webinar on medical device regulation given by Julian Hitchcock – those for whom this is important will be aware that May 26th is a critically important date by which you need to have stuff sorted to avoid potentially major problems so we’ll be looking into that and related issues. Be sure to keep 10am on April 1st free in your diaries therefore.

I do hope you can join us this coming Wednesday 25th Feel free to email me beforehand with your suggestions.

Kind regards,