Webinar – EMIS App Library, Thursday 26th November 10 am

Imagine a world where instead of expensive and often addictive medicines, GPs can prescribe apps that, for an increasing range of conditions, do the same job permanently, cheaper and with fewer side effects. That’s the world that the EMIS Apps Library is helping to create. Do join us, free, to find out more on Thursday, at 10am. We will have presentations from the company running the Library, IQVIA, from EMIS and from a couple of developers of apps that have been on the library since the start. We are also hoping to get a short presentation from the GP who has prescribed the most apps so far. Go here for more info and to book.

Sponsored webinar – YOURmeds – Wednesday 2nd December 10 am

DHACA Webinars are taking a rest next week so I am running a webinar for YOURmeds that members might be interested in with West Lothian Council and Manchester City Council on the 2nd December at 10 am about managing medication in the community.  It is generally accepted that without special effort, 50% of all medication is not taken as prescribed. Health and Social Care are missing a large part of the jigsaw by not knowing if and when medication is taken. The YOURmeds solution seeks to empower people to take control of their medication with the support of their network.  West Lothian Council has also been using the daily data collected through YOURmeds as a remote cognitive check on a user.  A drop in adherence rates is a great indicator that the package of care given to an individual needs to be re-evaluated.  On average a user on YOURmeds has an adherence rate of 80%join us to find out how! More info and to register here.

Past DHACA Webinars written up and with presentations inserted

By early Wednesday, Webinar X – The impact of Covid-19 on online pharmacies will have a write-up of the event, and a full recording. Webinar XII – All about ICSs – will have all the presentations and speech notes plus a write-up of the event. (The presentation and recording for the regulatory Webinar XI were added a couple of weeks back.)

RSM Webinars – can Femtech fill the gender data gap? Wednesday 25th 1 pm – 2.30 pm & at 6 pm – 7.30 pm, Femtech for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum

“Discover how femtech can help to fulfil a crucial role in bridging the medical data gender gap. We will hear from several femtech innovations that are working to change this by analysing user-generated data to improve our understanding of women’s health, looking at menopause, contraception, fertility and the impact of menstrual cycles on physical training.” Also offers CPD points. More info and booking here.

There is a further RSM Femtech event at 6pm on the same day – Femtech for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. More information and booking is here.

And finally…

Thanks as always to Prof Mike Short, and in this issue to Dr Nicholas Robinson too, for pointing me to items I might otherwise have missed.

I do hope you can join us on Thursday for the EMIS App Library webinar.