Wednesday Webinars

A final call for our Webinar starting 09:45 on Wednesday 24th: How to find the perfect assisted living aid: just AskSARA! We now have over 100 registrations so if you’ve not signed up yet you may want to do so to be sure you’re not missing something exciting.

The registrations for our latest ICS webinar, Connected Nottinghamshire, on March 3rd, back starting at our usual time of 10:00 are rising fast now too, where the main focus will be the benefits of integrating both the NHS App and Patients Know Best into the Nottinghamshire health and social care system.

Finally, Brown Rudnick’s Data Protection post Brexit, on March 24th, deserves serious attention by anyone planning on submitting an investment proposal or currently providing a digital health service or product that involves personal data (ie almost everyone).

Closure of the PSTN Network

This item is just to check that all our readers are aware of the closure of the PSTN Network in the UK in 2025. Here is the BT Openreach current coverage of what needs to be done. Here is a warning from a digital telecare specialist who suggests that the switch off could lead to failure of home care systems.

And finally…

Many thanks as always to Prof Mike Short for kindly alerting me to items i might otherwise have missed.

I do hope as many as possible fo you can join me on Wednesday’s Webinar (at 9:45).