Member to member

Member to member

The purpose of this section eventually will be to enable DHACA members to advertise their wares to other members. Unashamedly DHACA will seek to make a small turn on the deals, so we can continue to deliver this service to you free.

We will try to run this on Scouts’ Honour: if a deal emerges from any contact, please let me know immediately Failure will result in the defaulting supplier being delisted and no longer getting promoted in our newsletter.

Any full member of DHACA can propose their services be listed here though do please bear in mind that I also have other work to do.

Data services for AI development

  1. Medcase, contact Yernar Akim,, offers the following services: Clinicians on Demand for Data Enrichment for AI uses (data annotation, labelling and QA in various workflows); Facilitation of AI-ready datasets (compliant, de-identified medical records for various applications in AI algorithm training); Clinicians for Surveys/Interviews (unlock deeper market understanding through surveys and Voice of Customer (VOC) interviews presented to our clinicians that have opted-in to take part).

Software outsourcing

  1. BairesDev: watch What Makes Us Different
  2. 500 More Digital: contact Greg Smart –
  3. Inoxoft, Ukraine: contact Oryslava Turetskava –