Economics & Business SIG

Market Needs

There are no sustainable economic and business models (EBMs) in place for either seed or sustainable funding. Linking EBMs to reference architectures, commissioning and procurement systems would seem sensible within the ever changing health and care space but who, how, when will it happen?

New entrants into the digital health and care sector, especially those intent on growing the consumer market, have specific requirements to understand the required market architecture, processes and their potential roles and responsibilities.

Scope of SIG

Identify key features of effective markets that have already been developed (including review of existing DHACA profile), understand the reasons these have yet to be picked up in NHS and Care, establish if levers are available and develop an exploitation plan to maximise the opportunities.

Provide emerging digital health and care service entrants with an understanding of the current landscape, the potential market architecture that could support large-scale, sustainable consumer businesses, and the business opportunities and partnerships that would be required.




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DHACA Day I summary

  • SIG should provide a clear pathway or framework that is accessible to new innovators to help build their economic and business model.

This should include:

  • Who to talk to
  • Consultants to go to for advice
  • Case Studies
  • FAQs


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