Information Governance SIG

Market Needs

The current approach to information governance is the major barrier preventing interoperability between the consumer and statutory sectors. A better capability is needed for sharing data so that the information necessary for delivery of care is available and so individuals can self-care and manage their health. Many new innovations for self-care and redesign of statutory services are held back because of the emphasis on protecting data and lack of IG guidance on sharing data.




Information Governance

Scope of SIG

Define new guidance for data sharing and challenge the statutory sector to improve interoperability and data sharing between consumer and statutory sectors for continuity of care and assisted living purposes


  • Influence commissioners to introduce data sharing and self-care outcomes
  • Influence GPs and providers on how to implement data sharing with individuals and with other providers across a local economy
  • Gather guiding principles from the Information Governance Alliance and consult DHACA membership on IG requirements and feedback on IG proposals
  • Collaborate with DH and HSCIC on updating the IG toolkit to enable data sharing and introduce data sharing metrics.


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Phil Stradling

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