[Inactive SIGs]

Two SIGs have been proposed but have not yet reached critical mass. For the time being they have been put on hold until sufficient further interest is generated

Patient Viewpoint

This has been largely folded into the Healthcare education SIG and all SIGs are asked to consider “Patient Viewpoint” in their work.




This SIG has not yet reached sufficient membership, and it is considered that Scaleability is in any case a topic that needs to be considered in all SIGs.

Proposed SIGs

SIGs that have been proposed but have not yet been started

Dementia Care & Mental Health;

This proposal encompasses ideas pursued elsewhere as “Silverbook”. Not wanting to avoid duplication, this has not yet been seen as something DHACA should actively pursue, but this can be reviewed if sufficient DHACA Members express an interest.

There is no standard for a mental health care record that could drive the development of apps to help patients and their carers cope with dementia and other mental health conditions.

There is a need for those professional and academic bodies looking to improve care for mental health patients through better use of digital services and data to coordinate their efforts to define a standard for self-care and managed self-care.


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