mHealth Apps SIG

Clarifying processes

There remains fear, uncertainty and doubt in all stakeholder groups that develop, sell, purchase or use medical apps. Combined with a lack of cost effectiveness measures for this software, this FUD is significantly holding back the deployment of medical devices, principally by making GPs unwilling to recommend them to patients as a viable alternative to drug use. Iy is also making it hard to include digitl health in the Accelerated Access Review, as the process for digital health development is much less clear than for the other two workstreams.

The mHealth Apps SIG has decided to try to remove some of that uncertainty by producing DHACA’s Medical Apps Process Document for use by DHACA members. This is V1.1 which includes improvements suggested by the MHRA: please read it carefully and let know if you spot any errors or can suggest any improvements. This is a ‘soft’ launch, as the document is currently with a design organisation to improve appearance further.

Scope of SIG

Develop a freely-available road map from app coding through to patient use, to help clarify the steps necessary in between, plus individual more detailed sheets e.g. on what GPs need to be aware of when recommending an app;

Assist in promoting the DHACA case, already underway, for NICE’s remit to be enlarged to include medical software.


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