Welcome to our Spring 2021 Webinar page. DHACA  began running 90 minute webinars at 10am on Wednesdays with the kind support of the AHSN Network, following the cancellation of our DHACA Day in March 2020. The overall aim is to showcase the benefits of using technology to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, initially in the lockdown though ultimately in the post Coovid.19 world.

The Spring webinars are as follows:

12th February – Webinar XV – Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) preview. The DTAC Duo gave us a preview of the replacement for the DAQs, with all that that implies. Still lots to be finalised though!

24th February – Webinar XVI – How to find the perfect assisted living aid: just AskSARA! The DLF team and selected users explained how this resource can be used for maximum benefit to those in need of assisted living aids.

3rd March – Webinar XVII – Connected Nottinghamshire. The second in our ICS series, featuring the Nottinghamshire ICS and a unique integration with them and between the NHS App and Patients Know Best

24th March – Webinar XVIII – Data Protection Post Brexit: The Top Tips for Digital Health Companies. What you need to know in order to sleep well at night without fear of DPA/GDPR transgression.

30th March – Webinar XIX – Digital health is changing the roles of doctor and patient: what impact on developers? This groundbreaking stuff, and not to be missed!

21st April – Webinar XX Precision Medicine: empowering the patient  One of our very best ever webinars!

28th April – Webinar XXI – Digital therapeutic prescribing in secondary care, plus RWE generation 14th April. IQVIA revealed a whole new service they are starting in June!

19th May – Webinar XXII – A practical approach to validating the security and privacy of mobile health Apps – the practicalities of security validation by machine

16th June – Webinar XXIII – UK regulation of medical devices after 1 January 2021: BSI tells all – a not-to-be-missed summary of the UK’s new regime and what more is needed for exports to the EU

The subsequent webinars are still under discussion so if you have an idea, or want to participate, do get in touch with me – charles.lowe@dhaca.org.uk