Welcome to our new Webinars page. DHACA  began running 90 minute webinars at 10am on Wednesdays with the kind support of the AHSN Network, following the cancellation of our DHACA Day in March 2020. The overall aim is to showcase the benefits of using technology to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, initially in the lockdown though ultimately in the post Coovid.19 world.

Here you will find the records of past webinars which at minimum will include a full recording of the event, with video. Where possible we also include presentations, written summaries and other material & links. Our first event, on an intentionally optimistic note, looked for silver linings to the gathering Covid.19 clouds, and found many that boded well for greater use of technology. Our second focused on specific medical technology regulatory issues that, at the time, required action by many members by 26th May 2020 (since deferred by one year). Our third looked at the impact of Covid.19 on the longevity business, focusing on lessons learned. Our fourth and fifth looked at “total triage” – use of technology to triage patients before appointments are booked, and then manage them where possible through remote consultation.

Next week we will look at how vulnerable patients – including though not limited to those on the Shielded Patients List – can be helped with technology. The week after, on 13th May we will have a selection of the Techforce.19 winners, representing suppliers of that technology to help vulnerable people. Then on 20th May we will have a group of suppliers of home testing kits, to support remote consultations.

As the week that includes 27th May is  half term for many, we don’t currently plan to run a webinar then. The subsequent webinars are still under discussion so if you have an idea, or want to participate, do get in touch with me – charles.lowe@dhaca.org.uk