Webinar XXVI – An introduction to the NICE Office for Digital Health

Webinar XXVI – An introduction to the NICE Office for Digital Health

The NICE Office for Digital Health was set up in 2021, to support NICE’s work in digital healthcare. Members of the NICE team introduced some of the key projects, including the update to the NICE evidence standards framework for digital health and care technologies, and their work around supporting the NHS to identify and use high quality AI-based healthcare.

The timetable was:

10:00-10:05 Introduction – Charles Lowe

10:05-11:00 NICE presenters:

  • Farhan Ismail, Associate Director, Office for Digital Health
  • Rebecca Owens, Technical Advisor, Office for Digital Health
  • Toni Gasse, Project manager, MAAS Secretariat
  • Omar Morrea, Technical Advisor, Office for Digital Health
  • Harriet Unsworth, Technical Advisor, Office for Digital Health
  • Fatema Jessa, Pharmacy Fellow, Medicines and Prescribing

11:00-11:20 Q&A

11:20-11:30 Summary – Guy Boersma

The presentation used is here.

A recording of the event is here. (Note that my PC/broadband decided to cut me off towards the end and would not let me back!)

Note also that NICE has introduced a new advisory service for AI developers and adopters

Developers and adopters of data-driven technologies such as AI are invited to help shape a new advisory service, tailored to their product development or commissioning needs. The service will be delivered by NICE, MHRA, CQC and HRA and is funded by our NHS AI Lab.


The collaborative approach to this new advisory service will provide its users with comprehensive advice from across the digital health ecosystem. It aims to provide clarity on the regulation, evaluation and adoption pathways and policies associated with data-driven technologies such as AI, in the health and care system – making pathways easier to follow and expectations clearer for all.

If you anticipate becoming a future user of the new advisory service, right now is your opportunity to help shape the service design.  Learn more and register your interest today

User research sessions will run at various stages throughout the project’s development cycle until March 2023.