The focus of this webinar from 10am-11.30am was how technology can best support vulnerable people during the lockdown.

To help with this, we had four extremely knowledgeable panellists:

1.5 million people who would be particularly vulnerable if they caught Covid.19 are being shielded through isolation. This group also contains some people who have long term physical health conditions which could be worsened by a prolonged period of isolation and lack of access to a normal model of care.

The purpose of this webinar was to discuss how these people, both within the shielded 1.5 million, and also others who are not currently on the Shielded Patients List though still vulnerable, can best be supported during the pandemic.

The AHSN Network is exploring four scenarios which we were particularly interested in panellists’ views on:

  1. Safe reception of people admitted to residential care settings, focusing on infection control and staff, client and family needs;
  2. How people with dementia and their carers are responding during the crisis and can be supported to stay safe;
  3. How volunteer support for older and vulnerable people works in practice – how the new volunteer workforce provides such support;
  4. Support for isolated young people with established or emerging mental health needs.

The recording of the whole event is here. Madeleine Starr’s presentation is here. Expect more material shortly – in the meantime it’s well worth reading “Caring behind closed doors“, research just published by Carers UK