WebinarWednesdays and other interesting events

This week’s WebinarWednesday features Redesigning NHS care pathways around patient generated data, It features four speakers from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust who will discuss the various aspects of this key issue. It’s on 29th July 2020, 12:00 – 13:30. The discount code for DHACA members (only, please) is DHACATEN62

Next week’s is The Tipping Point of Virtual Care and Rise of Personal Health Data which features a rare opportunity to hear Drew Schiller, CEO and co-founder of Validic, the US company that is one of the principal connectors between health systems and patient data generated from apps, medical devices and wearables. It’s on 5th August 2020, 13:00 – 14:00. The discount code for DHACA members (only, please) is DHACATEN63

Both these are produced by the RSM in partnership with DHACA and the ASHN Network.

ORCHA also has How to find and recommend assessed apps though that is on Thursday 30/07/2020 and is free.

Finally the WIRED Health:Tech conference is now virtual and on September 22nd. It “explores some of the most compelling technological advances driving the future of patient care. This virtual conference will gather fascinating disruptors in health, medicine and science to investigate the direct impact of COVID-19, as well as the trends that the pandemic has accelerated. Topics include artificial intelligence, telehealth, surgical robotics, next-gen systems and address the need for smarter supply chains, remote friendly surgical systems and self-tracking software.”

To me the most exciting thing will be to watch Eric Topol live – I tried to get him to come over for a couple of big RSM events we ran though he doesn’t enjoy travelling (or so he said) so it’ll be great to see a full-length telehealth talk from him, in particular. DHACA members get 10% off the (considerably lower than original) price of £40//£75 (with a further discount for two) if you book via https://wiredhealthtech.eventbrite.co.uk?discount=DHACA10

URGENT – Schrems II

Doubtless most members will be aware now that the US/EU Privacy Shield has been struck down in a judgement of the European Court of Justice (“CJEU”) in the Schrems II caseErik Vorbregt as always explains the situation elegantly on his website with the help of his colleague Cécile van der HeijdenTo quote:

“The CJEU declares the EU-US Privacy Shield framework invalid due to the absence of adequate level of data protection in the US due to the existence of extensive governmental surveillance programs that lack effective judicial review and do not protect the rights of data subjects established in the EEA. Most notably, these surveillance programs in the US concern the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”) and US Executive Order 12333. Privacy Shield does not offer sufficient safeguards in relation thereto.”

Erik advises therefore that any organisation currently relying on the Privacy Shield needs urgently to revisit its international data transfer mechanisms. For next week’s newsletter i will endeavour to get a more detailed piece from Brown Rudnick our legal sponsors, for who data privacy is one of their strong points.

And finally…

As always huge thanks to Prof Mike Short for drawing my attention to items I might otherwise have missed.

For next week’s webinar, in addition to a longer piece on Shrems II, I also hope to get time to do you a long piece on highlights of the many webinars I have sat through since lockdown.