A short-ish newsletter this week with a principal focus on our webinar next Wednesday describing a new service for prescribing apps in secondary care. This is aimed very much at app developers, and prescribers, especially those who still need to evidence fully the effectiveness of their interventions.

Selling apps into secondary care, and collecting evidence of efficacy Wednesday 28th April 10:00-11:30

This free webinar should be of huge interest to developers keen to promote their apps to secondary care patients, and to clinicians working in secondary care keen to find a more efficient way of prescribing medical apps.

IQVIA already runs the EMIS App Library which enables GPs to prescribe apps to patients. In early summer they will be extending this service to enable some secondary care trusts to start prescribing apps too. If all goes well this will be extended quickly. This webinar will describe this new service to be introduced by IQVIA to promote the prescribing of digital therapeutic apps in secondary care.

The IQVIA system has two important benefits:

  1. There are various options available to enable apps to paid for centrally so that there is no cost to patients for downloading them.
  2. By tying the prescription in to the NHS’s data collection systems, the consequent (and anonymous) gathering of evidence of efficacy is made much easier.

As members will be aware DHACA has been arguing since inception for the improved measurement of the benefits of digital health that recognise the multiple interventions involved in implementation.  In the meantime, the use of real world evidence (RWE) to support market access decisions, reimbursement strategies, and comparative effectiveness has become increasingly imperative and far-reaching. Various data assets, such as app utilisation, patient recorded data and electronic health records, appropriately anonymised, provide a rich source in support of clinical evidence development across the medical technology industry.

Do join us on Wednesday to find out more and get ready to take advantage of this great innovation. For more information go here, or to book directly, go here.

Events with a twist

Webinar weariness

Prepandemic I recall saying that I could attend a digital healthcare event in the UK/Europe every day of the week and some weekends too, for the whole year, so selectivity, and particular care with ensuring DHACA-produced events were very relevant to members, was essential. Now that virtual meetings are the norm, and recordings are frequently provided, I think I could watch such events 24/7 and still miss some important content!

In this context, the healthcare world festival offers to consume a particularly large amount of my time in May, with six separate events running from the 4th to the 20th May, perhaps the most important being “Perspectives on the Rise of Global Digital Healthcare” on 5th May.

Kings Fund ingenuity

Meanwhile the Kings Fund (who is holding Digital Innovations in Health & Care: looking ahead  on 24th-27th May) is playing interesting tunes on the concept of a virtual conference entitled Supporting people to work in new ways; what have we learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic? The event runs between 7th and 10th June however there is preparatory work and events remain watchable for two weeks afterwards. (The Kings Fund has also produced a fascinating report on Developing Place-based Partnerships: the foundation of effective Integrated Care Systems. In our sixth webinar last year, covering support for vulnerable people, the issue of place-based partnerships was first raised and extolled with great passion. This KF paper fleshes the concept out significantly and is highly recommended.)

Lost in translation

There’s a completely different twist to an Italian digital health accelerator that DHACA has been invited to participate in to support. Against my very strong advice they have translated the accelerator concept as “Pimp your Biz” which apparently has all the right connotations in Italy.  They are running their introductory session, looking for candidates to be accelerated, on 30th April 12:30-13:30 CET (ie 11:30-12:30 BST). The invitation is in Italian although I have been led to believe that English will be the language used for the event. It would look to be particularly appropriate for organisations seeking to grow dikgital health sales in the southern European market, or who anticipate using Northern Italy as a production or organisation base. I’ve been to all manner of events in Italy in the past (including Cambridge vs Oxford and Rome, rowing on the Tiber), all of which have been hugely enjoyable so I’m sure this will be too, in spite of the title.

And finally…

I do hope you can join us on Wednesday!

Kind regards,