This webinar described a new service to be introduced by IQVIA to promote the prescribing of digital therapeutic apps in secondary care, and the consequent gathering of evidence of efficacy.

The use of real world evidence (RWE) to support market access decisions, reimbursement strategies, and comparative effectiveness has become increasingly imperative and far-reaching in the past few years. Various data assets, such as app utilisation, patient recorded data and electronic health records, appropriately anonymised, provide a rich source in support of clinical evidence development across the medical technology industry.

During this webinar, experts from IQVIA highlighted:

  • RWE strategies that can be used to support development needs in MedTech, including research initiatives, market development, and reimbursement planning, using comparative effectiveness analyses.
  • How rich data sources used in RWE studies can be leveraged to support clinical evidence requirements.
  • How linked/integrated data sources provide options to support evidence development requirements.
  • How RWE is being used for regulatory decision-making in MedTech, and what is needed for success.


10:00-10:05 Introduction: Charles Lowe

10:05-10:30 Digital Therapeutics in Secondary Care. Speaker: Zein Jebawi

10:30-10:55 Real World Evidence generation through Enriched Studies. Speaker:  Graziella Tonna

10:55-11:10 A customer perspective

11:10-11:20 Q&A

11:20-11.30 Summary and close

A recording of the event is here

Speaker Bios :

Zein Jebawi, AppScript UK Manager, Information Offerings at IQVIA

Zein is responsible for the AppScript® product and market development activities in the UK, offering clients the tools they need to support real world data research and digital health prescribing.

Email :

Graziella Tonna, Associate Principal, Emerging Methods and Solutions, Real World Solutions​ at IQVIA

Graziella has over 15 years of experience in the Life Sciences sector working for biotech, pharma and several CROs, in roles ranging from research scientist, medical representative to clinical research roles, from CRA to global project manager level across different geographies​. In addition, Graziella has extensive experience in consultancy in RWE at IQVIA​, specialised in studies using the enriched methodology, an innovative approach of collecting and integrating primary and secondary patient data in clinical evidence generation.

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