Recent advances in genomics, imaging and biomarkers are translating into the development and use of increasing specific therapeutics — medicines that target individual pathways to modify the course of disease, and are intended for personalized or stratified use in specific patient populations.

Precision medicine is its most visible form and represents the biggest paradigm shift in medicine.  For Precision Medicine to work effectively, there is a need to collect Real World Data. This is where this discipline intersects with Digital Health and Big Data.

How our health systems are organized and how the whole ecosystem will embrace new business models will be a critical success factor. Challenges are big, especially in the areas of interoperability, access to datasets and privacy.  Yet, the end goal – of better and personalized patient outcomes – is worth it.

This webinar drew on the different aspects at play. It was in two parts:  the first dealt with what is precision medicine, the role of digital health/big data and how the UK landscape is shaping.  In the second part, we zoomed into specific use-cases and heard from perspectives: pharma, innovators and health systems.


10:00- 10:05: Welcome & Introduction: Charles Lowe & Pilar Fernandez-Hermida

10:10-10:20:  Defining the field: What is Precision Medicine?  Dr. Joanne M. Hackett,  Head of Genomic and Precision Medicine.  IQVIA. (Her presentation)

10:20-10:30:  UK Landscape for Precision Medicine.  Giulia Boselli, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Precision Medicine. Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) (Her presentation)

10:35-10:45: Precision Medicine: Health Systems use-case.  Andi Orlowski, Senior Advisor on Population Health Management in the Data and Analytics Directorate. NHS England. (His presentation)

10:45-10:55: Precision Medicine: Innovator’s use-case.  Laura Towart, Founder and CEO, Vivan Therapeutics (formerly known as My Personal Therapeutics). (Her presentation)

11:00-11:10:  Precision Medicine: Pharma’s use-case.  Dr. Myles Furnace, Global Digital Health Partnerships Lead, IPSEN. (No presentation)

11:10-11:20:  Q&A

11:20-11:30: Summary and Closing

A recording of the event is here


Dr. Joanne M. Hackett  is the Head of Genomic and Precision Medicine at IQVIA and previously was the Chief Commercial Officer at Genomics England.

She is a clinical academic, entrepreneur, investor, and a strategic, creative visionair with global experience spanning successful start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Joanne has been publicly recognised for her relentless pursuit of revolutionising healthcare and has recently been named one of the top six Influential Leaders in Healthcare by CIO Look, the Accenture Life Science Leader of the year 2019, Freshfields Top 100 Most Influential Women 2019, One HealthTech 2018 Top 70 Women in the NHS, Pharmaceutical Market Europe’s  2018 30 women leaders in UK healthcare and BioBeat 2017 Top 50 Women in Biotech Award.

Giulia Boselli is a Knowledge Transfer Manager within the KTN Health Team with a focus on Precision Medicine.

Her role is to facilitate collaborations among businesses, academia, research institutions and investors that translate research breakthroughs into products and services and, ultimately, drive innovations within the Precision Medicine landscape. KTN’s mission is to connect ideas, people and communities to respond to ever-changing societal, environmental and economic challenges and drive positive change through innovation. Giulia has a background in International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy and has covered roles across the R&D pipeline, from leading field research in Africa and Asia to managing the development of innovative healthcare products and services. She is now applying this knowledge and experience to help UK companies thrive.

Andi Orlowski is  health economist and the Director of the Health Economics Unit at the NHS.

His organization supports health & care organisations locally, regionally and nationally, providing expertise in economics, population health, analytics & evaluations. Andi is particularly interested in population health analytics especially how to best address health inequalities and the concept of impactibility modelling and is researching this for his PhD at Imperial College London. Andi is a Senior Advisor for NHS England on Population Health Management in the Data and Analytics Directorate working with and advising STPs and ICSs across the country. Andi is also a non-Executive Director and Lead for Collaboration and Clinical Engagement at AphA, a community interest company, whose aim is to raise the profile of healthcare analysts and provide a professional support network.

Laura Towart is the CEO and Founder of VIVAn Therapeutics (formerly known as My Personal Therapeutics).

Laura founded My Personal Therapeutics to advance a ground -breaking personalised approach to cancer developed at Mt Sinai Medical Center.

Laura is also the founder & former CEO of Celmatix, a leader in genomics and pharma target generation of women’s health.

Laura became passionate about personalised medicine during her PhD studies at Weill Cornell Graduate School for Medical Sciences/Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Since then, she has been actively involved in translational advances in medicine.

Dr. Myles Furnace is Global Digital Health Partnerships Lead at IPSEN.

Dr Myles Furnace was a physician in the NHS for 4 years before transitioning into the pharmaceutical industry in 2018. His last clinical role was the Neuroendocrine Tumour Clinical Fellow at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

Since moving to industry he has worked in commercial, medical and global digital roles He is currently Data Strategy and Real World Evidence Director at Ipsen. His passion is Digital Health- progressing a cultural transformation in traditional medicine through disruptive solutions and innovative approaches to improve patient outcomes and create new value in healthcare.