Webinar XXIV – ORCHA, app assessment, and the future

As any member who has an app that has been assessed by ORCHA will know, the company recently enhanced its evaluation methodology considerably. Given the other issues swirling around as well, such as default to the UK’s MDR 2002 following the UK’s departure from the EU, and the move from the DAQs to DTAC, it seemed very appropriate to invite Liz Ashall-Payne, and her new Managing Director, Lloyd Humphreys to join us for a webinar to talk about ORCHA, app assessment and the future.

Sadly on the day Lloyd was unable to join us so Tim Andrews, Chief Operating Officer, gave an extremely comprehensive and impressive presentation in his absence.

In more detail, the topics covered were:

  • The digital health solution landscape: how has the need for support tools evolved throughout the pandemic and what are the barriers to adoption?
  • The world of digital health assessment and regulation
  • ORCHA’s evaluation methodology
  • Looking to the future: how can we support the digital patient in a post-COVID world?

The presentation is here.

A recording of the event is here.