As DHACA’s Wednesday Webinars took a break on 2nd December, YOURmeds asked me to chair a webinar that explained how their electronic medication solution improved patient outcomes and cut costs.  

Discussing the issues surrounding medication adherence and compliance when providing care in the community, I was joined by Manchester City Council’s Gaynor McGinty, and Angela Spink and Anne Bradley from West Lothian Council to discuss YOURmeds’ Smart Solution. This has helped early adopting councils save thousands of pounds on medication care visits whilst improving adherence and compliance. All three have first-hand experience which they will be sharing into how use of the device has helped them to improve patient care and individual outcomes. This has allowed them to  divert resources elsewhere within their local communities, whilst simultaneously improving the independence of their service users.

They also explained how the daily data captured from the platform created a powerful assessment tool to ensure the right package of care is always in-place for a user, so resources can be agilely deployed to best effect should compliance data decrease.

Data was presented as to how YOURMeds improved medicine compliance from 50% to over 80%, helping to improve medication efficacy substantially.


10.00  Introduction

10.05  Nitin Parekh, Director, Overview of YOURmeds

10.15   Gaynor McGinty, Service Manager for Integrated Contacts & Technology Enable Care, Manchester City Council,

10.25  Angela Spink, Social Care Manager & Anne Bradley Reablement Team, West Lothian Council

10.35  Q&A

10.55  Summarising

11.00  End

A recording of the event is here.