For those unaware of it, EMIS’s Apps Library is a brilliant way for app owners to promote their wares to the patients of over half the GPs in England. By being on the library, GPs can “prescribe” apps by a single click, which sends the download details to the patient’s mobile phone. Where there would normally be a charge, it is also possible, if the app developer has done a deal with the CCG or other health organisation that the GP is a part of, for those downloads to be free to the patient, procurement being centralised. I believe that over time this will become a central part of the way GPs treat patients in the UK, so why not get onboard before the idea takes off?

The agenda was:

10:00  Introduction

10:05  A description of the EMIS App Library – Zein Jebawi, AppScript UK Manager, IQVIA and Sara Harvey, Product Manager, EMIS Health – Zein’s, Sara’s and Edward’s combined presentation is here

10:20  How GPs use the Apps Library – Dr Edward Clode-Baker, Clinical Director for EMIS Health (Edward is also a GP in Leicestershire) see above for presentation.

10.50 Pzizz’s use of the Library, Rockwell Shah, CEO, Pzizz. Rockwell’s video, which could not be shown on the day for technical reasons is below

10.53 Humetrix’s use of the Library for SOS QR, Adrien Elena, Program Manager for Humetrix Europe. Adrien’s presentation is here.

11:05 Q&A

11:20 Summary

11:30 End

A recording of the event is here.