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Digital health is changing the roles of doctor and patient: what does this mean for developers? Tuesday 30th March 15:30

This week’s exciting news is that we have arranged a webinar with two of the authors of the Lancet Comment paper featured in our early February newsletter entitled Disrupting the power balance between doctors and patients in the digital era. We’ve also found a GP happy to respond to the challenge. Everyone I’ve mentioned it to so far is appropriately enthusiastic so I’d urge you to secure your place soon. More information and to book go here.

Please note though that because one of the speakers is currently on the US West Coast we will be starting at 15:30 BST (until 17:00) and because our GP has a Wednesday afternoon surgery, we will be holding it on a Tuesday.

Data protection post Brexit: top tips for digital Health companies Wednesday 24th March 10:30

This is not as exciting as the previous webinar though it is more important in the short term to all members because the cost of getting it wrong, in terms both of finance and reputation, is serious. The particular challenge is that there is still a significant misunderstanding of the importance of building data protection in at the very start of any development plan; you cannot just bolt it on at the end, successfully.

It is therefore particularly appropriate that Brown Rudnick has kindly offered to deliver this, our 18th webinar, – more details and to sign up go here.  

Later webinars

We have more in the pot that we are hoping to firm up in April, after Easter. One on 21st April will be a seminar on how suppliers can best interact with healthcare providers online (since sales reps cannot currently do face to face visits), looking at both the ethical and legal position and for example describing the ABHI ‘rules’. The other, being created by Board member Pilar Fernandez Hermida, is on precision medicine, so stay tuned.

DHACA in Guardian pullout!

On Monday the Guardian published its long-awaited Digital Health supplement which on Page 18 features DHACA in a short piece (I was constrained to 400 words) on how Covid-19 has changed primary care for ever. Our sponsor, Guy Boersma, MD of KSS AHSN is also featured with a piece on how healthcare has turned to technology to manage mounting pressure.

I had filled the text with examples of many DHACA members’ innovations though sadly most got stripped out.

…and in the Journal of Business Models

Written over a year and a half ago, our jointly-authored paper entitled Business Model Canvas Insights For The Adoption Of International Patient Summary Standards In The Mhealth Industry, based on the Trillium II project that DHACA as a major participant in has finally been published.

Boring though important

The draft standard ISO 82304-2 ‘Health software – Quality and reliability of health and wellness apps’ has been published for comments, which are required by the BSI before 3rd May.

A set of 81 questions for app developers and manufacturers is proposed. Based on these and evidence provided the health app can qualify for a quality label with a score on four topics, as pictured on the right.

Although this is a European initiative (which DHACA was a major contributor to some time back), it is important that you read the proposal and comment accordingly as it is likely to become a default international standard.

As scores are mathematically driven mainly by binary answers to the questions, it could mean for example that if the privacy statement starts with an accessible overview of more than 150 words (Q the app could drop a level or even in the extreme not be recommended.

And finally…

  • Health Cluster Portugal invites you to this year’s session with Health Innovation, on The (new) challenges in health innovation. This will be held, virtually, on April 14th, 2:30 PM (note it says GMT though presumably that’s BST). The provisional programme can be found here. Learn more and register before April 13th here.
  • If you are exporting to, or interested in exporting to, the Latin American market, then here is your opportunity to learn about the potential of Uruguay as a Hub, on 5th May 14:00 BST. There is no website yet, though UK Trade Uruguay at is waiting for your email expressing interest.
  • The UK-Singapore Webinar on Healthy Ageing on Tuesday, 23rd March 2021 09:00 to 10:30 GMT will address shared challenges and initiatives to enable active and independent lives for older people. Organised by the UK’s DIT, the UK speakers will share our integrated care model, and efforts to harness strengths across academia, NHS and the industry to develop novel and innovative solutions for Healthy Ageing. The Singapore speakers will share Singapore’s approach towards Healthy Ageing, and the Action Plan for Successful Ageing. Register for this webinar to discover opportunities in the healthy ageing sector.
  • SEHTA’s 2021 International MedTech Expo & Conference will be a combination of a Live & Virtual event on Friday 8th October at the Hilton London Tower Bridge Hotel. More details here.
  • A new coalition plans to push telehealth/remote patient management as a mainstay for home care in the US: Moving Health Home aims to “change the way policymakers think about the home as a site of clinical service” by supporting programs and policies that highlight telehealth, remote patient monitoring and other care pathways. Funding members Intermountain Healthcare, Ascension, Landmark Health, Amazon Care, Signify Health, Dispatch Health and Elara Caring are currently missing the big boys of the sector like Teladoc and Amwell.
  • Babylon has kicked off a Reimagining Healthcare activity seeking input from anyone and everyone.
  • The RSM Digital Health Section and the Better Health Programme bring together digital health experts in the UK and South Africa to facilitate a bilateral exchange of ideas and experiences exploring interoperability for health system resilience. It’s on 29th March at 12:00pm – 3:00pm BST and it’s free.
  • It’s not yet 1st April so you can believe that Bionaut Labs has launched, with plans to attack brain tumors with tiny, guided robots. See the picture, read the article – astonishing!
  • DHACA has just received an “Invitation to European Cannabis Conference – Virtual” on 25th March 14:00-16:35 GMT (It’s free though we won’t be attending). Coincidentally New Scientist reports that legal cannabis production in Colorado alone emits more greenhouse gases than does the state’s coal-mining industry.
  • Faculty’s leading AI event, Demo Day XVIII is on Thursday 18th March, 12.00-13.45 GMT and highly recommended.
  • The next UKTelehealthcare Digital MarketPlace is on 16th March 2021 – 11:00-13:00 – this time they’ve even given DHACA a registration link!
  • The AHSN Network is running a much-enhanced Bridging the Gap event on 11th and 12th March complete with specialist workshops – it’s well worth checking out., especially if you are a developer new to digital health.

As always my thanks go to Prof Mike Short for kindly pointing me to items I might otherwise have missed. Huge thanks also are due to Melvin Reynolds for reviewing draft ISO standards on behalf of members too ever since DHACA was formed in 2013 – he is hanging up his keyboard at the end of the month so we will be on our own after that.

Do sign up for our next two webinars, and if you are reading our newsletter after being forwarded it by someone else, do join DHACA, and be sure to tick the box to receive our newsletters!

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