We have three very different webinars for you this week with a further one, on practical assessment of app security by Kryptowire scheduled for 19th May, being developed as I write. I am particularly keen to encourage members to consider attending the data protection event, both because in my experience of assessing investment proposals, failure to build data protection into project development plans is one of the key ways that proposals fail to achieve funding, and because Brown Rudnick will potentially be one of our main future sponsors.

Data Protection Post Brexit: The Top Tips for Digital Health Companies: Webinar 24th March

Our new DHACA Day sponsor, Brown Rudnick is gearing up to give us a great webinar next Wednesday 24th March starting at 10:00 to 11:00 GMT. This is a topic of huge importance to all members involved in producing any digital health software or hardware that requires or measures any personal health data. Very few developers understand this area well, and the penalties of getting it wrong in terms of both cost and reputation are huge, so do please join us!

Particular issues to be covered include:

  • The EU GDPR is no longer applicable to processing in the UK unless caught by its extra-territorial provisions;
  • However “UK GDPR” is essentially the same as EU GDPR, based on the DPA 2018 and the Brexit laws which retained certain EU legislation and case law;
  • The EC is planning changes to the laws relating to data transfers, data governance, e-privacy;
  • The European Data Protection Board has issued actual and draft guidance on GDPR and health research;
  • The EU/US privacy shield still down – there is no sign of a quick solution;
  • The EC has issued a draft EU/UK adequacy decision which is in process; meanwhile data can flow from the EU to the UK on the basis of the Withdrawal Treaty.

You can book here.

Digital health is changing the roles of doctor and patient: what is the impact on developers? Webinar 30th March

This webinar, at 15:30-17:00 BST on Tuesday 30th March will explore how experts see digital health changing the roles of doctor and patient in the immediate future. Indeed it is already changing: for example some technology can already detect if someone has Covid-19 when they feel no symptoms (see the Empatica news item below). I am keen therefore that DHACA members should be in the forefront of identifying how developers might respond to ensure that the least resistance is met in achieving some potentially extremely exciting outcomes. We will be joined by two of the authors of the Lancet Digital Health Comment paper entitled Disrupting the power balance between doctors and patients in the digital era that was featured in a February newsletter, and a GP who is very much up to the challenge.

Note that as one of the speakers will be coming to us from the West Coast of the USA, we are starting much later than usual, and to help one of speakers who has a Wednesday pm surgery, we are on a Tuesday this time.

You can book here.

Digital therapeutic prescribing in secondary care, a vehicle for Real Word Evidence (RWE) generation Webinar 14th April

This webinar, at 10:00-11:30 BST on Wednesday 14th April, will describe a new service to be introduced by IQVIA to promote the prescribing of digital therapeutic apps in secondary care, and the consequent gathering of evidence of efficacy. Details are currently under wraps though developers with apps prescribable by secondary care organisations are particularly encouraged to sign up!

You can book here.

And finally…

Many thanks this week to Prof Mike Short and to Nicholas Robinson for pointing me to items I might otherwise have missed.

I do hope as many as possible of you can join me on the 24th!