Webinar III – longevity in the light of Covid.19 on 8th April 10am

This webinar will be given by Tina Woods, CEO of Collider Health and Professor Richard Barker OBE, Chairman of the Health Innovation Board who have both been deeply involved in the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) work on Longevity.

Picking up from where our first webinar on silver linings left off, Tina and Richard will explore how the lessons learned from Covid-19 will impact The Health of the Nation: A Strategy for Healthier Longer Lives launched by the APPG for Longevity launched on 12th February with the support of Matt Hancock. The Covid-19 situation rapidly unfolding will ‘stress test’ society in many respects; the deaths expected by the pandemic will be concentrated in older populations, especially those with underlying health problems, and in deprived communities.

People who have avoidable long-term conditions will sadly be at greater risk of serious forms of illness from Covid-19 and so at a higher risk of dying. When we analyse the evidence from this shocking epidemic it is likely to throw these into sharp relief, making the case for action to reduce premature ill health more serious and urgent. The lessons learned from Covid-19 will reinforce the priority we must give to minimising health inequalities and preventing ill health, the APPG for Longevity’s core mission, in future. The lessons learned from Covid-19 will enhance the Health of the Nation. This will provide a lasting legacy to provide better care to those in most need and using technology and data to improve productivity and efficiency at all levels of the healthcare system and in preventive health

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Webinars IV and V

DHACA is now taking a break over Easter, returning on Wednesday 22nd April when we will have three very different suppliers of GP process improvement software talking about their products, joined the following Wednesday 29th April by their users, both professional and patient & carers, to talk about implementation benefits and challenges.

…and finally:

  • ‘The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is collaborating with the London Office of Technology (LOTI), Norfolk County Council and others to develop a digital Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) platform. Following on from a successful discovery/alpha project – which estimated a digital approach would reduce time taken to complete a DPIA by 65% – this collaborative development project (co-funded & co-designed by all partners) will develop a public sector platform for DPIAs by the end of the summer. If this is an area you are interested in or you want to become a co-funder and gain the significant benefits from doing so, click here.
  • Slush for 2020 has been cancelled – this is the largest start-up event held annually in Europe (usually Helsinki) so though not limited to health, it has been a great resource for VC contacts and attracted world class speakers. It’s worth watching developments here as they will be moving to online events instead over the coming months.
  • UCL’s Institute of Healthcare Engineering is keen to promote their work.
  • BetterPoints is introducing new activities to respond to Covid.19.

I do hope you can join us tomorrow!

Wishing you as good an Easter break as possible; back in a fortnight.