The AHSN Network is now kindly supporting DHACA to run a series of webinars during the lockdown. You will see if you go to Events on our website that we now have a Webinar subheading – i therefore won’t be sending out a newsletter every time there is a change, instead relying on those interested checking on additions as events take place, are recorded, and we move to the next. The outputs from the first two are now covered below.

Webinar III is on Wednesday 8th at 10am – do join us!

We then take a break for Easter and are back on 22nd April digging deeper into process improvement in primary care which Webinar I showed to be a rich seam.

I am starting now to look for appropriate topics for May and beyond so I’d hugely welcome member suggestions. I’m going to start by trying to get an NHS App event…give me your ideas though!

Webinar III – Covid.19 lessons for longevity – 8th April 10 am

Our third webinar will run at 10am on 8th April, on lessons to be learned from Covid.19 with particular relevance to the current All Party Parliamentary Group working on Longevity. There is considerably more detail on the webinar on our website here. However if you just want to book, go here. Finally if you have any questions that are uppermost in your mind before the event, please email me ( so I can put them to our presenters.

Webinars IV and V – on 22nd April and 29th April

These will take place on 22nd and 29th April and will respectively cover presentations from three organisations that provide GP process improvement software, and from their professional users (ie clinicians) and end-users (patients and carers). Again there is more information on our website for Webinar IV and Webinar V.

Webinar I – silver linings?

A full report is now available on the website, with a recording of the event and a summary.

Webinar II – regulation update

A recording of this event is on the website; the slides will be added as soon as received from Julian.

Hope you can join us at 10am on Wednesday.

Kind regards,