Webinar VIII – Home testing Wednesday 20th May 10am

As a complement to our earlier webinars on avoiding face:face clinical sessions in primary care using Total Triage, we now offer a webinar on Home Testing, or what used to be called Point of Care Testing (POCT), the important point being that patients can now be tested for a surprising range of conditions at home.

On Wednesday, we won’t just look at what limits the range of possible tests, we’ll also delve into the issues that home testing can create and the benefits. Just one example will perhaps suffice to point to those benefits: in care homes, Covid.19 & UTIs often have similar symptoms, so a test that can detect UTIs immediately saves isolating many people  on the off-cahnce they have the virus.

We are hoping (not confirmed as we go to press) that we will have an AHSN Medical Director introducing the topic who is also a patient safety expert so adding an extra dimension to this fascinating topic. Book here for more detail, or go directly here to book.

Future webinars

We take a break next week and then hope on 3rd June to return to a topic that DHACA and Carers UK first worked on a couple of years back: how to encourage carers to use technology to enable them to care better, with less effort. When we looked at this originally it was scary how few carers realised what technology could do for them, even though they regularly used technology to bank and, in those balmy pre-Covid.19 days, bought holidays and flights. From last week’s webinar is looks as if little has changed.

Our initial thoughts are to run this as a round table, encouraging suppliers to pitch in with their ideas. What we need to do is to achieve a breakthrough to enable suppliers to access what we calculated was a £1 billion+ market. If you would like to be one of the speakers to kick the discussion off, please email me. In the meantime you may want to revisit our subsite covering this topic.

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator is open for application

Cohort 5 has now just opened – go here to apply. Closing date is 5th July. I have assessed for entry to all the cohorts so far and given classes to successful applicants so can highly recommend membership as a great way to develop your organisation quickly and grow your sales fast. You’ll learn a lot from your colleagues too.

And finally…

  • Here is a recording of a very helpful IET lecture on AI and Engineering for healthcare crises. Beware it is long, though packed with useful information. It is given by Dr. Ronjon Nag, CEng, FIET, Founder & Managing Director of the R42 Group – lest you wonder whether the number is a coincidence, their subheading “Answers to Life and Everything” will confirm your suspicions. Worth checking out their website too.
  • Dr Nag is also giving an additional talk on AI and Drug Discovery on 10th June. Book here.

Do hope you can join us on Wednesday!