Webinar VII Techforce.19 13th May 10am

Tomorrow’s webinar adds detail to the broad canvas painted last week of how technology can best support vulnerable people during the pandemic, and beyond. Anna King and Neil Callard will introduce the Techforce.19 competition, to be followed by presentations by ten of the winners.

Do join us for a whistle stop tour of some great innovatory ideas! More details here, or go straight to the registration page here.

Webinar VIII – home testing 20th May 10 am

Next week our webinar is devoted to home testing. In ordinary times we might have called it Point of Care Testing (POCT) as getting instant results is as helpful to a GP in a face:face consultation, as it avoids the need to book a further consultation and you don’t risk losing your patient. However in these pandemic times it also avoids face:face contact. We look at the detail of home testing through the eyes of three key players in the field:

We are also hoping to include an NHS speaker to describe how home testing fits in to the NHS long term strategy.

More information will be here later in the week, or go straight to the registration page now, here.

Future DHACA webinars

We will be taking a break for the 27th May. Thereafter, with “webinar weariness” setting in we’re looking at a more relaxed schedule of fortnightly events starting probably on June 3rd. Current ideas under development are an open discussion on how to encourage carers to use more tech, and an event describing how the EMIS App Library enables GPs to prescribe apps free of charge, complete with presentations from some of those on the Library. Ideas from members would be greatly appreciated.

And finally…

Thanks to George Platings and Prof Mike Short for alerting me to articles I might otherwise have missed.

Hope you can join us tomorrow morning!