Following on from Webinar IV on 22nd April in which representatives of organisations that provide GP process management systems presented, this webinar featured a superb group of GPs and patients who spoke well about the benefits of Total Triage.

The order of presentation was:

10.00 – Welcome and introduction, Charles Lowe

10.05 – Summarising the importance the NHS places on Total Triage during the lockdown and for the future, Mary Hudson, Deputy Director for Digital First Primary Care, NHSE and NHSI

10.20 – Dr Tim Dalton, Clinical Chair, Wigan Borough CCG

10.25 – Dr Thomas Patel-Campbell a GP Partner at the Haxby Group

10.30 – Dr David Brandon – Lead GP Christmas Maltings, Haverhill, Suffolk

10.35 – Raxa Popat, PPG Chair, Florence Road Surgery, W London

10.40 – Lyn Wheeler, PPG member, Southview Partnership, Bromley, SE London

10.45 – Christine Gratus, PPG member, Florence Road Surgery, Ealing, W London

10.50 – Dr Sanjay Kotegaonkar, Clinical Lead Information Management and Technology, Bury CCG

10.55 – Charles will invite brief comments from the representatives of Klinik (Ben Wood), eConsult (Mark Thomas) and AskmyGP (Harry Longman) in response to user remarks

11.00 – Audience questions

11.20 – Guy Boersma, CEO, Kent Surrey & Sussex AHSN concludes and summarises the event

11.30 – End

A recording of the event is here, and a summary write-up is here.

In addition the AHSN Network blog post is here.